Love Island Star Admits She Asked Her Friend To ‘Fat Shame’ Her To Stay Skinny Enough For The Show

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Many people would almost do anything to get on television, especially one of the many reality shows which air around the world and allow regular folks to become famous, even if that fame is only short-lived. But, being on TV (as nearly any actor could tell us) is sometimes not all it seems to be, because with that massively increased exposure it can also make one very aware of how they look to the now millions of people watching them. Well, one Love Island star recently admitted to having a friend "fat shame" her in order to make sure she was skinny enough for the show.

Fans of the British dating show, Love Island, will likely recognize Shaughna Phillips from her time as a cast member on Season 6, which aired on ITV in early 2020. While she came very close to lasting for the entire 43 days, Phillips was dumped on day 33, which is still a very long time to hang around with cameras on you at all times while wearing some form of probably-rather-skimpy swim attire. On her YouTube channel, Phillips recently did a Q&A session with fans to answer their questions about her health and fitness journey as she prepared for the series, and also while in the villa and afterward.

Shaughna Phillips admitted to definitely feeling the pressure when it came to how she looked, and noted that while she was still working in the run up to going on Love Island, she would have a friend she worked with dole out some harsh comments to keep her eating in check. Phillips said:

I used to get her to like fat shame me if I ever went to go and have a biscuit with my tea. I told her like, if I’m ever going to have a biscuit with my tea, say to me, ‘Is that biscuit going to look nice in a bikini.’ I just needed someone to constantly be on me. I remember she would do it and I used to look at her like I fucking hate you, like I’m glad but I hate you. If anyone else heard, people would be like, ‘Wow, Chloe’s rude’ not knowing I’d asked her to do it.

Alright, this seems like a step beyond what many of us would do to prepare for being on TV, even a show like Love Island that would surely bring up anyone's insecurities about their weight. Not only are participants expected to swan around in swimwear at all hours of the day and night, but it is also a dating show, and we all know that a significant portion of that activity relies on people finding you physically attractive, which frequently gives individuals even more of a complex about how they look.

And, if you aren't coupled with someone on Love Island, of course, you get sent home and no longer have a shot at the cash prize at the end.

Basically, it's clear that Shaughna Phillips was feeling tense when it came to keeping her weight down before heading off to appear on Love Island, and most of us can probably understand that feeling. She was also preparing for the show during the holidays in late 2019, and noted that she wasn't able to enjoy Christmas like she usually does, because she felt she couldn't really indulge in a lot of festive treats with all of her on-air bikini time fast approaching.

It's a shame, really, that Shaughna Phillips felt so concerned about not being as thin as possible while on Love Island that she thought having a friend criticize her eating choices was the better way to go as opposed to just enjoying herself at Christmastime and possibly gaining a bit of weight. This is especially true considering that the world was thrust into lockdown just three weeks after she returned home, but at least Phillips is on the road to making sure that's she's healthy now.

Love Island Season 7 just started in Britain, and Love Island USA Season 3 will begin on Wednesday, July 7 at 9:30 EST on CBS. For more to watch right now, check out our guide to 2021 summer TV shows.

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