The Nevers Season 1B: 6 Quick Things We Know About The HBO Series' Return With New Episodes

Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly on The Nevers

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In only six episodes, The Nevers became one of the most talked about shows on the 2021 Summer TV shows schedule (and for more than just what happened on screen), but without even finishing up its premiere season to completion. Due to a delay in production in the midst of a global pandemic and the exit of its creator, Joss Whedon, the imaginative period drama - which focuses on a group of people (mostly women) given extraordinary abilities after an alien spacecraft passes over Victorian England - has a while before it can debut any new episodes on HBO Max. However, in the following quick and convenient breakdown, we can tell when you can expect the next chapters of the story and more about The Nevers Season 1B, starting with how soon the cameras will start rolling again.

Ann Skelly on The Nevers

Production On The Nevers Season 1B Began June 2021

According to an interview for The Wrap with Casey Bloys, the chief content officer of HBO and HBO Max, Season 1 of The Nevers was originally intended as an uninterrupted 10 episodes until Covid-19 caused production to shutdown in the middle of filming Episode 5. The shoot commenced between September and November 2020 with the completion of the fifth and sixth episodes, which the producers interpreted as a “natural narrative break” and a signal to distribute what they already had as is. With Season 1 now extended to 12 episodes, according to a later report by The Wrap, the second half is now in production in the United Kingdom as of Tuesday, June 29, 2021.

The Never will air on HBO and be available to stream on HBO Max

The Nevers Season 1B Will Premiere On HBO In 2022

The latter article from the Wrap also revealed a number of details regarding the forthcoming six episodes of The Nevers Season 1B. It does not, however, mention if a specific release date has been confirmed yet. However, it does tease that the mid-season premiere is expected to air on HBO (and later be available for streaming on HBO Max) sometime in the year 2022.

Amy Manson on The Nevers

Philippa Goslett Is Taking Over As The Nevers’ Showrunner

The Covid-19 pandemic was not the only thing causing a shake-up behind the scenes of The Nevers, which now has writer Philippa Goslett running things after Joss Whedon announced he was leaving the HBO series soon after the first half of Season 1 was completed in November. The prolific, yet controversial, writer, producer, and director cited “exhaustion” as the reason for his exit, which surprised some cast and crew members - including Dr. Edmund Hague actor Denis O’Hare, who mentioned to Digital Spy he was unaware the on-set abuse allegations from other projects (like Justice League) surrounding Whedon at the time. The American Horror Story cast staple also mentioned his excitement for Goslett’s promotion in January 2021 as showrunner for The Nevers, which will continue to credit Whedon as creator.

Pip Torrens on The Nevers

The Outsider’s Andrew Bernstein Has Joined The Nevers Season 1B As EP And Director

Another recent development regarding on-set responsibilities for the next half of The Nevers Season 1 is the news that Andrew Bernstein is assuming directorial duties. The Emmy nominee, who is also joining the production as a fellow executive producer according to Deadline, is known for directing episodes of hit TV shows like Ozark and The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, Disney+’s limited series adaptation of The Right Stuff, and the limited series adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider (which was another hit for HBO in 2020) - and that is just some of his more recent credits. The first six episodes of The Nevers were previously helmed by series creator Joss Whedon, David Semel (known as a director and producer for House and other popular series), and Zetna Fuentes of Jane the Virgin and Neflix’s Curse fame, to name a few.

Members of the Nevers cast

Laura Donnelly And The Rest Of The Nevers Cast Are Returning

Considering the dizzying amount of storylines and other juicy plot details that Season 1B has yet to address, it really comes as no surprise that all of your favorite actors and actresses from the Nevers cast are set to come back for more gothic and otherworldly storytelling. The aforementioned article from The Wrap which reported when the series had began shooting again confirms the return of Ann Skelly as Penance Adair, Olivia Williams as Lavinia Bidlow, James Norton as Hugo Swan, Amy Manson as Maladie, and Nick Frost (a friend and frequent collaborator of One Night in Soho director Edgar Wright) as Declan Orrun, to name a few. Of course, series lead Laura Donnelly is also returning to her role as the clairvoyant Amalia True, whose story in Season 1B is sure to be doozy.

Laura Donnelly as Amalia True on The Nevers

Laura Donnelly Teases That Amalia “Has A Lot To Wrestle Within Herself” In The Nevers Season 1B

Viewers were already in awe of the interesting twists that were featured in the series premiere of The Nevers, which was met with solid ratings when it aired on HBO on April 11, 2021. However, the discovery that the alien race known as the Galanthi had been planning to give “The Touched” their powers years in advance was later rivaled by the reveal that Amalia True was once known as Molly before a Galanthi called Zephyr Alexis Navine took over her body in the the mid-season finale. In May 2021, Laura Donnelly said following to Deadline about the journey her character is expected to take from this point on in Season 1B, stating she was very interested to see...

…how she also deals with kind of the reckonings of her soul that seem to be just coming into clearer focus, especially since this meeting with the Galanthi; the massive flashbacks that she got and then the ripplings forward that she got, and how she’s going to try and connect and marry together who she has been in the past, who she is now, and how to go forward.

The Irish actress and former star of the another hit fantasy drama called Outlander also dished on how Amalia has a lot to “wrestle with within herself” (which tends to be the case for people suffering from such a bizarre identity crisis) and that she is destined to undergo some dramatic changes now that Penance Adair and the rest of the orphanage she helps run know her true origins. It appears that The Nevers is about to undergo many changes with the second half of Season 1 now in progress.

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