Floyd Mayweather Revealed How Much He Made From The Logan Paul Fight

Floyd Mayweather without his shirt on getting ready to fight in a WWE ring with the crowd in the background.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s much-hyped boxing match may not have included as many landed punches as fans would have hoped (though it did include at least one good one), but let the record show it was still an extremely lucrative way to spend an evening for the combatants. We don’t know exactly how much Money Mayweather took home from the pay per view exhibition, but if he’s to be believed, the answer has a double-take worthy number of zeroes behind it. We know because he was recently caught on camera bragging about it.

The undefeated former champion was at a press conference to hype his boxer Gervonta Davis when the subject of his match with Logan Paul came up. Floyd Mayweather did not hold back. He called the fight “fake” and claimed no one else could have made a hundred million dollars from it. He later went on to call himself a “bank robber” and bragged about still being able to stick people up at his age. You can read a larger portion of his comments below, which surfaced in a video from TalkSport

I’m the only person you know (who) can do a fake fight and get 100Ms. I can do some legalized sparring and get 100Ms… Am I the best bank robber? I don’t know anybody in sports that’s my age that can still stick ‘em up like that.

First of all, you have to take a step back here and just appreciate this conversation taking place in front of cameras. Ninety-nine percent of the world would never say something like this out loud, or at least not in a press conference with cameras around. It takes a special kind of confidence to just openly brag about making 100Ms from a fake fight. Beyond that, however, we also need to acknowledge he’s absolutely right. I think Mike Tyson could have generated as much or more heat and PPV buys, but outside of that, it’s hard to see anyone in boxing that could have joined forces with Logan Paul and generated as much hype.

Of course whether Floyd Mayweather is telling the truth or not is an open question. In the aftermath of the Mayweather/ Paul fight, Sportico published an article claiming the fight sold around 1M PPV buys, which would be about $50M in revenue not including the ticket sales for the actual event and any ancillary money. That’s a really impressive figure, but it doesn’t seem like it would be enough to get Mayweather to $100M. In fact, his take in the article was estimated at $35M.

Now, I would have to imagine Floyd Mayweather has a pretty good idea of how much money he made from the fight. So, people are just going to have to decide whether to believe his very public boastings about how much he took home or whether to believe the more modest sum that had been floating around. Either way, the exhibition worked out great for him, and it seems to have done nothing to slow down the momentum of Logan Paul or his even more ridiculous brother Jake Paul who is carving out his own more impressive resume.

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