Logan Paul Explains Why He’s Not Afraid Of Fighting Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul in a music video looking intentionally confused with his hands outstretched.

Does Logan Paul have a shot at beating Floyd Mayweather tonight? Well, that depends on who you ask. The YouTuber turned boxer turned carnival barker is a huge underdog in betting markets. Given his limited experience, you’d probably expect Paul to be worried, but he seems extremely calm and unconcerned about stepping in the ring with a legend. Apparently that’s because of Money Mayweather’s style.

Logan Paul stopped by the BFFs Podcast earlier this week to shoot an interview with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. Of course the subject of tonight’s fight with Floyd Mayweather came up, and Paul had some really thoughtful and interesting observations. He talked about how he’s expecting to have to change styles mid-way through the fight since Mayweather will likely feel him out in the early rounds before getting more aggressive, and he talked about how he was so willing to take the fight with Mayweather, despite his limited experience, because the legend is a very defensive fighter by nature. Here’s a portion of his quote...

I was comfortable because styles make fights and Floyd is not the beat your ass, fucking knock you out fighter. He hasn’t knocked anyone out in a decade.

Paul contrasted Mayweather with Mike Tyson and said he would be far more worried about stepping in the ring with Iron Mike because he could cause serious harm. There is definitely a lot of truth to that. Mike Tyson’s knockout videos are brutal and among the best the sport has ever produced. Floyd Mayweather’s highlights are much more impressive from a technical and athletic perspective and less so from an is that guy going to be okay standpoint.

On paper, Logan Paul has some tremendous advantages. He’s almost two decades younger, weighs thirty-five pounds more and is taller by about six inches. He also has a longer reach. That being said, Mayweather has way more experience in a boxing ring, was undefeated during his career and is widely considered to be one of the most disciplined and careful boxers in the history of the sport. In fact, he’s so careful and patient that Paul is openly talking about building that into his strategy. Here’s another quote on what to expect...

In the first couple of rounds, I would be willing to bet he doesn’t throw many punches. He’s gonna take a couple steps right, a couple steps left, see how I move, react to how I punch. Eventually he’s gonna start counter-punching and then I’m sure at some point, like he did with Conor, he’ll go on the offensive. You’ve gotta be able to adjust on the fly, which is part of our gameplan.

We’’ll have to wait until the final pay per view numbers come in before finding out how much money each man will make from the fight, but some early estimates are claiming Mayweather could take home as much as $100M. He made an absolute killing in the Conor McGregor fight too. So, if this goes well, you would have to think he might consider doing a few more of these exhibitions. The first step in that process is winning tonight, which will require a knockout since there aren't judges. I think he’ll get it done, but if a much younger and much bigger Logan Paul decides to swing for the fences since he’s not worried about getting hurt, there’s always a chance for a shocking result.

Mack Rawden
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