To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen Speaks Out After Warrant For His Arrest Went Public

Chris Hansen confronts a man on Crime Watch Daily

Chris Hansen, best known for helping to apprehend would-be sexual predators on the reality series To Catch a Predator, found himself in legal trouble again this week with a warrant being put out for his arrest, and the TV journalist has offered a little insight into what’s going on.

On Thursday a warrant was out for Chris Hansen’s arrest in Michigan after he failed to appear in court in relation to a police sting operation from October 2020 that resulted in the arrests of three men. Chris Hansen took to social media to clear up what happened with the warrant.

The court matter in Shiawasse Co, Mi today resulted from a predator investigation there. Defense lawyers for accused predator Michael Lott had requested video from the investigation. There was miscommunication about a hearing today on the issue. The matter is currently being resolved!

Chris Hansen said the situation was a misunderstanding related to video he possesses connected to an investigation into accused predator Michael Lott, one of the three men arrested in the October 2020 sting. Hansen’s post implies the situation is being worked out, though no mention was made of why he didn't appear after being subpoenaed other than "miscommunication." Hopefully the situation can be worked out quickly.

While this incident may turn out to be a very simple miscommunication about the schedule, it isn’t Chris Hansen’s first brush with the other side of law enforcement. In March 2020, Hansen was charged with harassment in New Jersey after a complaint was filed by an anonymous civilian.

Chris Hansen’s financial situation has also been a source of trouble for him in the past, as in January 2019, Hansen turned himself in to police after being accused of using bad checks to pay for nearly $13,000 worth of goods and materials that he'd already received shipment on. He was also sued by American Express in 2015, with the credit card company seeking $57,000. The complaint stated Hansen had refused to make any payments on the balance, and he didn't show up in court.

In 2018 Ally Financial sued Chris Hansen after Hansen allegedly stopped making payments on a 2014 Corvette and owed $65,000 on the car, which was ultimately repossessed. The home Hansen previously owned was in possession of US Bank Trust in July 2018, and around the time of his bad-check arrest in 2019, Hansen was evicted from his Manhattan apartment, with the owner saying Hansen had not paid rent since August 2018.

To Catch a Predator aired as part of Dateline NBC from 2004-2007. The controversial reality show relied on actors and hidden cameras to lure potential sex offenders into a confrontation with host Chris Hansen. Since the series’ cancellation, Hansen has continued in the same line of work with other shows including Crime Watch Daily, Hansen vs. Predatora revival of the To Catch a Predator series — and Have a Seat with Chris Hansen on YouTube.

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