Marvel's Secret Invasion Star Responds To Norman Osborn Rumors As A True MCU Villain Would

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Joining the MCU can be a major career boost for any upcoming, established, or veteran actor. So, taking part in the next big Marvel television series probably signals a new high for Christopher McDonald. That’s why landing a role in Marvel’s Secret Invasion is a big deal. With that said, McDonald has been plagued with Norman Osborn rumors since he was announced. Now, the Secret Invasion star is finally responding to the rumors in a very MCU villain way.

Shows like WandaVison, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki have set a precedent for MCU television. So, Marvel’s Secret Invasion has much to live up to, including unexpected casting surprises. That’s why Chris McDonald possibly playing Norman Osborn has fans on edge.

The rumors have gotten so bad that The Movie Dweeb tried confirming the speculation during an interview, which involved the reading of Christopher McDonald’s body language (it’s all nostrils and eyebrows). After the playful interrogation, the Secret Invasion star was careful not to reveal anything, like most MCU stars, by saying:

No, I’m not saying anything.

Like many MCU stars, Christopher McDonald is under the infamous Marvel veil of secrecy. That’s why the only information fans know about is the main cast and the storyline. But, that’s the best part about the MCU. Fans are left guessing what characters, twists and cameos are coming up. Plus, bringing Norman Osborn into the MCU would cement the Disney-Sony connection even more. While McDonald couldn’t confirm or deny the Osborn rumors, he did let out his inner fanboy about his Secret Invasion co-stars.

Like many MCU recruits, Christopher McDonald was glad to be working with Marvel veterans and newcomers. This came after the actor was asked which co-stars he was the most excited to work with on Marvel’s Secret Invasion. With the series currently in production, McDonald stated:

I've been doing a lot of stuff with Samuel. But I would love to work with Olivia Colman. She is just so much fun. She is one of those people that they say, 'She's beautiful and brilliant and connected and in the moment, just right there, cut,' and she goes on a riff. I think that's a lot of fun to work like that. I like to work like that as well.

After multiple decades in film and television, it was refreshing to hear Chris McDonald still be excited about working with Samuel L. Jackson and Oscar winner Olivia Colman. Given their acting caliber, who wouldn’t want to share the screen with them? Hopefully, Jackson is bestowing some of his MCU knowledge upon McDonald while on set. Let’s just hope if Norman Osborn does show up, that we get a version we all enjoy.

With a cast boasting Christopher McDonald, Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman and Game of Throne's Emilia Clarke, Marvel’s Secret Invasion is shaping up to be must-see television. Unfortunately, Marvel fans will have to wait until 2022 to see the cast in action. But, that doesn’t mean Marvel isn’t coming through with more great shows, so check out Marvel’s current TV schedule.

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