NBC Pulls Newest Reality Competition Series From Post-Olympics Premiere After Diarrhea Outbreak Halted Filming

Kids from a YouTube video on a giant slip 'n slide

The Olympic Games usually present a big opportunity for networks to premiere new shows. That was the case for the NBC reality series Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide, which was set to premiere post-Tokyo Olympics. But that reportedly isn’t the case anymore. After the diarrhea outbreak, NBC has reportedly pulled the reality competition series from its post-Olympics premiere.

According to Deadline, NBC decided to pull the reality competition series Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide from its summer schedule. The series was originally set to premiere over two nights – Aug. 8 and 9 – during the final days of the Tokyo Olympics. NBC reportedly has no plan to reschedule the show’s premiere date yet. But this development isn’t a surprise.

Production on the NBC competition series came to a screeching halt in early June after an infectious outbreak on the set. An outbreak of the intestinal infection giardia led to multiple crew members coming down with “explosive diarrhea.” The infection led to many becoming ill on set, resulting in a complete shutdown on June 2. It was reported that ill crew members blamed the production for allegedly not having fresh and clean water during filming. But that wasn’t the end of the drama.

Eventually, other parties got involved as the L.A, and Ventura County Health Departments tested the huge water slide on Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide. While the results from the set came back negative, water in the surrounding area came back positive for the intestinal parasite. So, at the moment, it appears NBC and Universal’s production might not be at fault. A production shutdown in the COVID-19 era and no new premiere date could be the end, but that might not be the case for this series.

While the show hasn’t been rescheduled, Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide isn’t dead in the water yet. The show’s producer Universal Television Alternative Studio will be meeting with NBC next week to discuss options to finish up the season. Before it came to a halt, the competition series was one week away from finishing production to hit its scheduled post-Olympics timeslot. Hopefully, the show will eventually premiere despite all its setbacks.

Hopefully, everyone on the production is healthy now. But the giardia outbreak was reminiscent of other outbreak scenarios. Of course, the first thing to come to mind is COVID but an even better example is the ever-timely sci-fi film Contagion. A mysterious infection spreading amongst the population is too eerie. In some cases, an infection can lead to a hospital trip. Just ask Jackass alum Bam Margera. Thankfully, there haven’t been any reports of serious complications from the outbreak.

While Ultimate Slip ‘N Slide might not premiere anytime soon, there are still quite a few shows to watch for Summer 2021. So, check out our summer television guide to see the endless viewing selection.

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