Jake And Logan Paul Are Getting Rare Praise From One Of Boxing's Biggest Stars

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Jake and Logan Paul have been controversial figures for quite a while thanks to some of their YouTube antics, but it's their participation in boxing matches that has had them making headlines most recently. Logan Paul went head-to-head with Floyd Mayweather in a highly-anticipated fight (with fairly unsurprising results) and Jake Paul knocked out former MMA star Ben Askren after a fight back in April. Still, the Paul brothers haven't gotten a lot of praise from the boxing community... until now, when one of boxing's biggest stars has some rare praise for them. Apparently, Tyson Fury can see some advantages to Jake and Logan Paul fighting.

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury – a.k.a. The Gypsy King – recently spoke up in favor of the Paul brothers, which interestingly comes as speculation stirs that his younger brother, Tommy Fury, is going to fight Jake Paul. Speaking to TMZ Sports, Tyson Fury had this to say about Jake and Logan:

I've been pretty impressed with the Pauls, though, the brothers, both of them. To be fair. They've been a good breath of fresh air to the boxing scene. Fantastic, guys. Well done if you're watching.

Tyson Fury's comments about the Paul brothers may not be the most gushing or effusive, but certainly more complimentary than what other fighters have said about them. Following his KO from Jake Paul in April, Ben Askren said that he "deserved" any ridicule he'd get after his performance because "it's fucking embarrassing," and Mike Tyson went so far as to explain why it's "easy to hate those guys" in the boxing community.

And it is worth noting that Tyson Fury's comments are angled toward the Paul brothers as a "breath of fresh air" rather than getting too complimentary about their boxing skills. Then again, now may not be the time for Fury to say too much in favor of either Paul brother. In the same conversation in which he shared that he's been impressed by both Logan and Jake Paul, Fury shared his opinion on the outcome of a potential fight between younger brother Tommy Fury and Jake Paul:

Hopefully it happens. Jake and Tommy's had a lot of back and forth. I'm sure it's going to happen soon.... I think Tommy knocks him out cold. I think [Jake's] a decent fighter for sure. But I know Tommy's a dynamite puncher.

Tommy Fury, who is also a reality TV veteran thanks to a stint on the original UK version of Love Island, has a definitive edge on Jake Paul in Tyson Fury's opinion. That seems to be the consensus when it comes to the Paul brothers facing off against professional fighters, although they have held their own after stirring up enough of a frenzy to make matches happen. They're also not going anywhere when it comes to boxing. Jake Paul signed a multi-fight deal with Showtime Boxing in May, and the odds are pretty good that the Floyd Mayweather fight didn't make Logan Paul lose his taste for the sport.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the Paul brothers as professional boxers, but the heavyweight champion Tyson Fury had some complimentary things to say about them. Whether he would stick to those compliments if his brother fights with Jake Paul would have to remain to be seen.

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