Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Finally Married And The Pictures Are Stunning

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It's somehow been nearly six years since The Voice coach and country music star Blake Shelton and fellow Voice alum Gwen Stefani first went public as a romantic coupling, with that relationship reaching a peak in October 2020 as they announced their engagement. While no official plans were announced for quite a while, given COVID-related restrictions over public gatherings, the big day finally happened over the holiday weekend! A huge congrats to Shelton and Stefani, who officially became a married couple on Saturday, July 3, and the couple revealed their top-notch looks on social media two days later, presumably after recovering from what had to be a sweet reception.

Gwen Stefani took Blake Shelton to be her lawfully wedded husband in quite the picturesque setting, with the couple exchanging vows on the expansive ranch that Shelton owns in Oklahoma. Just take a look at that gorgeous sky in the photo below, not to mention the gorgeous couple standing below it. And be sure to peep out the other two photos that Stefani posted on Instagram.

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That third picture is where it's at, with all the enjoyable things included: loving smooches, booze (presumably) and a big ass cake. These are really the true essentials when it comes to getting married, amirite? I think it's no coincidence that Gwen Stefani bookended the pics of her in her full wedding dress around a shot of her and Blake Shelton getting into party mode. Not everyone can pull off a look like this while on a golf cart, but Stefani has zero troubles with her Vera Wang party dress. (And note that while the dress and the flowers are the attention-grabbers, that ring is certainly not hidden.)

In fact, Gwen Stefani gave that party dress a spotlight of its own in a separate social post, with the rock and pop star's legs nearly stretching longer than the outfit itself. Although that might be due to those swanky AF high-heel boots.

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Since there can never have too many happy and smiling images from one's wedding, Gwen Stefani also shared some shots via Instagram Stories, such as this more candid one as she and Blake Shelton were having a dance beside a four-legged friend. And no, I'm not making a Shelton-approved jab at his former Voice co-coach Adam Levine, who did not appear to be part of the festivities, either to sing "Here Comes the Bride" or otherwise. (For that matter, neither was Miley Cyrus, unless a bunch of surprise celeb guest pics are also on the way.)

According to CBS News, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani applied for their marriage license in Oklahoma last week as they prepared to tie the knot in full just a few days later. This is the third marriage for Shelton, who was previously wed to Kaynette Gern from 2003-2006, and to fellow country star Miranda Lambert from 2011-2015. It's Stefani's second, as she was married to Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale from 2002-2016. Maybe we can look forward to seeing Adam Levine serenading the loving couple on their first anniversary. Orrrrr maybe not.

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