Kelly Ripa Hilariously Calls Out Dudes Who Think She's Missing A Foot

Despite never feeling fully comfortable as a celebrity, Kelly Ripa has been in the public eye for all of her adult life, whether as an actress, a dancer or the long-running co-host of the longer-running talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. So it's safe to say she's heard a lot of strange and off-putting things from people over the past three decades. But there's always room for more, I suppose, and Ripa found herself quite flummoxed by comments made on a recent social media post, in which fans are questioning whether or not she is missing one of her feet. The Internet is a silly place sometimes.

While it's often Ryan Seacrest getting bonkers reactions for his occasional foibles, Kelly Ripa is no stranger to social media speculation. Before we get into her comments, though, let's first take a look at the Italian vacation pic that inspired the bizarre inquiries. Check it out below, paying special attention to Kelly Ripa's feet/foot.

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If you quickly glance at the pic without spending a whole lot of time studying it, it appears as if one of Kelly Ripa's legs and feet has been erased from the image. And you better believe that inspired others on Instagram to open inquire about it. Heeding the "Where that other foot at?" call, Ripa took to Instagram Stories along with her eyebrow-raising husband Mark Consuelos to hilariously question why anyone is wasting their time on this. Here's how they started things:

KELLY: I dunno. Maybe I'm just jet-lagged, but can you explain to me why people are fixated on my feet in a family photo?MARK: It looks like you're missing a leg.KELLY: Well, obviously I'm not, because there it is in the other photos. Could it be that I just crossed one foot over the other?

At this point, the also jetlagged Mark Consuelos made a second commendable attempt to quasi-defend those focusing on her feet in the comments, though likely more to soothe allay his wife's concerns rather than actually saying people should be asking about potentially missing limbs. (It's kind of personal anyway, right?) To her credit, Ripa appears more bemused by the whole thing than angry, which led to the second part of the convo.

KELLY: But since they're zooming in...MARK: Maybe they don't have the zoom-in function.KELLY: ...there's another foot there. It's just crossed over. I'm just standing with my foot crossed over my other foot. Just confusing.

Mark Consuelos tried again to give the benefit of the doubt in saying maybe all of these people commenting about her feet aren't able to zoom into the picture properly, but Kelly Ripa wasn't hearing it. She was keen on some playful namecalling, however, with her following comments.

You guys are weirdos. You are. There, I said it.

Making things all the more hilarious is Kelly Ripa's next story from a little later in the day, in which she reveals that Live with Kelly and Ryan's digital producer Andrea Lizcano is also one of those weirdos, as she challenged Ripa to prove it. Yes, to prove that she has two feet. There are no conspiracy theories too big or too small, after all.

So Kelly Ripa did just that, giving her fans a full view of her bare tootsies while also making a self-deprecating joke for anyone taken aback by the "weirdos" zinger. And to be sure, Ripa had the foresight to realize that people would just say they weren't her feet if she only used that shot, so she brought her phone camera up from her feet to her face in one swoop to ultimately prove that the feet were hers.

kelly ripa sharing her feet on instagram stories

Of course, now fans might say that Kelly Ripa was just using her dress to somehow hide someone else who really has two feet, and we're just all a bunch of rubes for falling for it. Regardless, it's time to hoof it, so remember to tune into Live with Kelly and Ryan every weekday morning in syndication as it slowly returns to normal with the same number of Ripa's feet that appear in every other episode.

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