Kelly Ripa Is Tired Of Trolls Thinking She's Too Old For Her Husband

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Kelly Ripa wants people to butt out of her marriage. When the television personality was online supporting her husband, Mark Consuelos, she dealt with an inconsiderable comment which prompted the Live! With Kelly and Ryan host to write back a pointed retort. To be more specific, in the initial comment, one social media user claimed Consuelos should let Ripa go because she was "too old" for him -- even though they are both the same age. Well, it didn't take long before Kelly Ripa responded, and she made sure the person on the other end of the line got an earful of what she had to say.

As it was reported by Cosmopolitan, Kelly Ripa wasn't too happy when she saw this comment under Mark Consuelous' recent Instagram post, which was a #HeForShe post, which is related to gender equality -- notably within the workplace. Ripa said she is proud of her husband, and that's when she got the following retort from a social media user, one who wasn't afraid to claim that Ripa and Consuelous should apparently see different people now.

yes he is so handsome but you need to go Kelly you look to[o] old for him, sorry but you do

This comment is rude and ill-considerate for a number of different reasons, and Kelly Ripa wasn't afraid to tell the social media user a thing or two.

You need to learn how to spell the word too sweetie. As in you're too stupid to be with my young, handsome husband. Ps, he likes proper grammar as well you dope

Ruthless. Evidently, if you're going to attack someone else's marriage for seemingly no reason, you should at least make sure your grammar is in check. Suffice to say, Kelly Ripa won this round. It's very inconsiderate to make such comments to other people, so Ripa wasn't afraid to get mean.

It should be noted that this recent outburst was not the first time Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have responded to inconsiderate comments from Instagram users. For example, six months earlier, Ripa posted a picture of herself in a bikini, which some people criticized the talk show host for likely due to her age. Such is the Internet. It didn't take long for Consuelos to step in and give the rude commenters some criticism of his own. So, let the point be made clear: if you're going to criticize Kelly Ripa and/or Mark Conseulos online, you better be ready to hear from them directly about it.

So, if you're not nice to Kelly Ripa and Mark Conseulous, they're not going to be nice to you. Make a note of that, social media users. Because it pays to heed that warning. Of course, why people want to be mean to these long-married celebrities is a whole other question, at least at this point in time. But that hasn't stopped people from being rude on the Internet before. That's the truth. So, at least Ripa and Conseulous are willing to play their game.

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