Live's Kelly Ripa Jokes About Husband Mark Consuelos' Penis Size After Fans Go Gaga Over Bulge Pic

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In the annals of daily talk shows, Live with Kelly and Ryan falls on the less extreme side of the spectrum, with hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest generally adhering to the kind of clean, good-vibes fodder that viewers of all ages can enjoy. Of course, that doesn't mean that all of those viewers are particularly chaste in thought, as evidenced by a revolving door of salacious fan comments on a social media post Ripa recently shared that included pics of her husband Mark Consuelos. More specifically, the comments were aimed directly at Consuelos' penis bulge, and the couple seemed to be quite amused by the attention.

First things first, let's talk about that social media post. With her spooky holiday spirit fully intact, Kelly Ripa took to Instagram to give fans some treats by sharing a selection of family pics with everyone donning Halloween costumes. As cute and amusing as the photos with Ripa and Mark Consuelos' kids are, as well as Ripa and Ryan Seacrest's on-air dress-ups, the most enjoyed pic in the bunch was apparently the final shot, in which Consuelos and restaurant mogul Bruce Bozzi are dressed as the lead characters from the classic TV show CHiPs. (Also a movie.)

Of course, it wasn't so much the pop culture reference that had fans talking, but rather the tight pants that shined a metaphorical spotlight on Consuelos' crotch. Check out the post below and be sure to click over all the way to the final picture to see the titillating (or dong-illating) image.

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While some fans responded innocently to some of the other pics, you don't have to try very hard to discover comments geared specifically towards Mark Consuelos' pants bulge. Check out a handful of the more amusing comments below.

'OMG, your husband's basket''Holy sh*t those pants were sprayed on!!!''Saved the best for last!''I love all of them!! But Mark in Ponch’s pants ????????????''Great costumes.... I just don’t remember hose CHIPS pants being so tight ???????????????? not that I’m complaining you understand ????'

Amusingly enough, the fans weren't the only ones who had something to say about Mark Consuelos' Ponch costume. The Riverdale star added his own humble comment to the fray, which Kelly Ripa then replied to, seemingly confirming that her hubby is both packing and that he IS happy to see you. Here's that exchange:

MARK: Full disclosure, I believe that's definitely a shadow that's causing that bulging effect.KELLY: Ummmmm baby are you seeing shadows?

For the record, this definitely isn't the first time that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' relationship sparked illicit thoughts within fans. The couple hasn't exactly shied away from talking about their sex life, and it was only earlier this year when Ripa gave all of her thirsty fans a taste by sharing a video of Consuelos exercising.

Even if he's seeing shadows, at least he's not seeing dead people, even if there's a certain amount of rigor mortis potentially happening. Hmm, I probably shouldn't have gone there with it, but what are you gonna do?

Having been back in the studio for some week now following a lengthy stint taping episodes from home, Live with Kelly and Ryan airs weekdays in syndication, so be sure to check your local listings to see when it airs in your area. While waiting for the next episode – or for the next bit of bulge-friendly imagery – head to our 2020 Fall TV premiere lineup to see what new and returning shows are popping up soon.

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