How Loki Almost Gave Tom Hiddleston's Character More Sex In Season 1

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There's no doubt that the MCU gave fans a lot to mull over and wonder about once the Loki Season 1 ending was all said and done. But, one thing that many fans are still rejoicing over are both the confirmation that Loki (and his female counterpart, Sylvie, for that matter) is genderfluid and bisexual, he also got to have a teensy bit of lovey dovey time with...well, himself basically, in the form of the previously mentioned Sylvie. While some hand holding, deep conversation, and one quick kiss are nice and all, it turns out that Loki almost gave Tom Hiddleston's popular character way more sex in Season 1.

As mentioned, fans didn't really get to see anything that most of us would call "sex" from Loki, whether we talk about the character or the show as a whole. Watching him fall for someone, even if that someone was simply a variant of himself in the form of the very (justifiably) angry and determined-to-destroy-the-TVA Sylvie, was a definite treat. But, I can bet many of the viewers who've been awaiting every Tom Hiddleston appearance they can get over the past decade would have loved to see something far naughtier from our favorite God of Mischief, and they nearly got it.

Because of the latest episode of Assembled on Disney+, The Making of Loki, we got a glimpse at what might have been as a photo was shown of the whiteboard that series creator / head writer Michael Waldron and his team used to break the story for Loki. And, on that whiteboard, we can see that one of the original plans was for Loki Laufeyson to get his groove on across all of time. Take a look, and we'll discuss the details in a bit!

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OK, if you pay close attention to the list to the left of Michael Waldron, you'll see the all-important points. On that list? Well, we get a description of the key details for what would have been a montage of Loki being granted his deepest desires, possibly after being allowed to escape from the TVA. We all know that the Loki who escaped during the Avengers Time Heist wanted nothing more than power, but he also wanted to enjoy all of the sexin' he could. As the list notes:

  1. Loki visiting different time periods
  2. Doing crazy mischief, aka sex
  3. Pivots to taking power
  4. Collecting Infinity Stones
  5. Has the Gauntlet, holds power, more sex, bi, alien, etc.
  6. Alone in the throne room. He’s taken power but is infected with thoughts that it isn’t “real” because of TVA’s control over free will
  7. Returns to the TVA, gauntlet’s power down, Mobius is waiting for him
  8. Loki gives honest answers to Mobius. Mobius shows the sheer power of TVA.

So, one version of the events as we saw them in Loki seems to have been for the TVA and Mobius to either let Loki escape or let him roam about once he did escape, probably to prove to him that resistance is futile (to borrow from Star Trek) when it comes to the sacred timeline and the supposedly necessary pruning of variants and their realities. Loki gets away with a TemPad, and immediately goes flitting through assorted time periods. While on his travels, he engages in "crazy mischief" and turns (I'm assuming) each of those time periods into a stop on his journey to bone town, because, you know, a Loki has to have some fun, you guys.

For a time, Loki would have gotten his fill of that and shifted his focus to snatching up all the power he could. Of course, when he gets his eager hands on the useless-in-the-TVA Infinity Stones and the ever important Gauntlet, he does just that...and once again boards the express train for copulation city. But, this time Loki really wilds out, doing the deed with whomever and whatever is willing, which is probably everyone and everything, 'cause our boy is all Gauntleted-up.

It wouldn't have been until after all of these adventures that Loki would have begun to have second thoughts and eventually return to the TVA willingly to have a serious heart-to-heart with Mobius. Leading to the rest of the series, his love for Sylvie, and all of those highly sexed alternate timelines now filled with little Loki lookalikes being pruned.

Sure, this would have made for a helluva good time while looking at Loki, and I can already imagine He Who Remains swapping that apple for a mixed drink and a bowl of popcorn to watch it all. We can see at least one reason why it didn't happen, though, right?

Not only would all of this likely have been very time-consuming to film, but, it's kinda a running joke among fans that while MCU heroes, villains, and anti-heroes are some of the best-looking beings around, they gets no horizontal lovin', y'all. At least not on screen. Loki could have spent eons doing it all for the nookie (Yeah. I said it.), but there was no way so many sexytimes could have even been implied by the series.

Even though we never got to watch Tom Hiddleston's Loki get down with the get down this time around, at least the series will be back for Season 2, meaning that we might (maybe...potentially) eventually get to see more of a relationship with the mischief maker and Sylvie, provided she doesn't try to kill him first or something.

Loki will be back for Season 2 on Disney+ at some point in the future, but until we know more about the new set of episodes, check out what you can watch right now with our 2021 summer TV schedule.

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