Jared Padalecki’s Wife Wishes The Walker Star A Happy Birthday In Sweet Post

Jared and Genevieve Padalecki

Jared Padalecki has had a rollercoaster of a time the past couple months since he seemingly (and very publicly) fell out with his Supernatural family, even though the long-time fam quickly mended things. Now that that situation is mostly in the past, he can focus on more pleasant things in his life, like his birthday. And Padalecki’s wife and sometimes co-star Genevieve Padalecki gave a very sweet birthday tribute to the Walker star in a loving post.

Genevieve Padalecki took to her Instagram to wish her husband a happy birthday and another year of happiness together, and the two still look overjoyed to be in each other’s company. You can check out the post below, where the actress has posted photos of her and Jared Padalecki lip locked and seemingly happy just to be together:

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Fandoms are colliding in the sweet post from Genevieve Padalecki, because she looks to have made a cute Harry Potter reference in the post. She seems to call Jared Padalecki her Harry Potter and says that he is “Pure Magic”. This makes it seem like the couple are pretty big Harry Potter fans, or it may just be an inside joke between the two. Either way, members of both the Supernatural and Harry Potter fandoms should be thrilled at the slight crossover.

It would appear that Jared Padalecki feels equally lucky to be spending the time with his wife and mother of his three children, because he commented on her sweet post with some equally loving words. He basically says that being around his wife, Genevieve, is what makes the true magic.

Die-hard Supernatural fans have been on top of this relationship for a while, and they are definitely eating this post up. Jared and Genevieve Padalecki met on the set of Supernatural when the latter played a demon romantically involved with her real-life husband’s character in a few episodes. Later on, she showed up again as herself, who was shown as being married to her real-life husband. A little confusing, yes, but it totally makes sense to Supernatural fans and apparently, makes for a pretty magical relationship between the two.

The comments are full of fans wishing Jared Padalecki a big happy 40th birthday, and some are even admiring just how beautiful the two actors are together and how amazing their relationship seems after 10 years of marriage.

You can catch Jared Padalecki, along with his wife Genevieve, in Season 1 of Walker, which is currently ongo on The CW, and you can catch the finale on August 12th. And if you’ve still got a little bit of catching up to do before the finale, you can watch past Season 1 episodes of the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot on The CW's website.

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