First Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Footage Highlights Major Issue The Franchise Usually Ignores

morgan and grace outside of submarine in fear the walking dead season 6 finale
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Fear the Walking Dead wrapped up its sixth season in a massive way, putting its various character groupings through nuclear devastation. Season 7 is heading to AMC this fall, with the zombie drama's Comic-Con@Home panel revealing the premiere date will be on Sunday, October 17. The panel also gave fans a look at the first new footage from the new cult-free season, and the first one delivered an update on Morgan and Grace that addressed a major issue that has often been ignored within the Walking Dead franchise.

And what's that major issue? Screaming, hungry babies, of course. The first Season 7 video follows up on Morgan and Grace's big new story push from the Season 6 finale, when they discovered the now-orphaned Li'l Morgan, and the situation is one that 99.99% of new parents can relate to with much stress and aggravation. Basically, Morgan and Grace are trying to get some uncomfortable sleep in the midst of an upset baby's warbling cries, and it's not like there's a super-helpful room nearby specifically being used for hoarding baby formula and breast milk. So it stands to reason that Li'l Morgan will never stop crying...ever. Everrrrr.

The first Season 7 footage went live online just as the panel ended, so check it out below!

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And while Fear the Walking Dead obviously did feature the same crying child in the Season 6 finale - it was indeed his cries that drew Morgan and Grace away from their suicidal plans - the Season 7 footage is one of the very rare moments in this franchise that directly tapped into how ever-present the concept of "blood-curdling wails" is where infants are concerned. In a ruined world that already makes it hard enough for grown-ass adults to scrape up a meal, things only gets more complicated when it comes to providing nourishment for far younger survivors.

I cannot TELL you how often I had concerns during The Walking Dead's earlier seasons that the characters must have been keeping Judith Grimes trapped in a soundproof box throughout most of her pre-school-age years, since her unending screams were never an issue for Rick or the many, many people who had to step in for babysitting duties over the years. It's hard enough to get an older child who understands directions to be quiet in the heat of an important moment, so the fact that Judith wasn't constantly crying herself into exhaustion is curious to put it lightly.

morgan and screaming baby on fear the walking dead season 7

In the long run, I guess I'd rather deal with crying Fear the Walking Dead characters than having Fear the Walking Dead episodes turning me into a sobbing mess, so there you go. It's not quite clear yet what fans can expect to see from Colman Domingo's Victor Strand, who will be living his life to the fullest in Season 7, but I cannot imagine Li'l Morgan surviving very long in his presence, so here's hoping Morgan can tap into his deep reserve of patience to make that situation work.

Find out where it's all going when Fear the Walking Dead debuts Season 7 on AMC on Sunday, October 17, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Be sure to keep up with all the other 2021 Fall TV shows hitting the schedule soon, too!

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