Alexa Bliss' Creepy Doll Lilly And 5 Other Inanimate Objects That Have Played Huge Roles In WWE

Alexa Bliss on Monday Night Raw with Lily WWE

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has taken a dark turn over the past year, and lately, it seems as though the character will get far more deranged before she gets any "better." After she robbed The Fiend of a possible victory at WrestleMania 37, Bliss is now chilling out on Monday Night Raw with her new friend who is all sorts of creepy and hilarious at the same time. And Bliss' Lily doll definitely isn't the first time the WWE has won fans over with an inanimate object.

Lily has a lot of evil energy, and it's just the kind of energy that could turn an inanimate object into into something amazingly popular within the WWE. That may sound crazy, but pro wrestling has a way of taking non-living objects and imbuing them with personalities that end up making as big a splash with fans as the wrestlers themselves. Let's take a look at these new and old faves, some of which undoubtedly played a role in the respective wrestlers' success.

Lily sitting on a swing WWE


Alexa Bliss was once thought to be an ally of Bray Wyatt, though her actions at WrestleMania 37 have thrown that all into question. Afterward, Bliss appeared on Monday Night Raw with a new "friend" by the name of Lily, who vaguely resembles her owner, though more so if Bliss was actually a horror movie creepster than a professional wrestler. Those hard teeth glued to Lily's face definitely add a shudder-worthy factor, since I'm not entirely convinced they aren't actual human teeth.

Alexa Bliss will soon unleash Lily on the roster, and while we don't totally know what that means just yet, we know Bliss is capable of pulling off some weird stuff with her new persona. With Lily by her side, I don't think it's crazy to think Bliss will have a decent chance to conquer the women's division, or at least to get right up to that point before Bray Wyatt resurfaces for a little payback. Who knows, though? Maybe Wyatt will take that slight against him in stride, and the two will return to being besties. Lily might be able to convince him better than anyone else.

Mr. Socko trying to console Vince McMahon WWE

Mr. Socko

If you ask any group of WWE fans about their favorite Mick Foley persona, you're probably going to get all different answers, with Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack as the standouts. Ultimately, I think we can all agree that Foley is, plainly and simply, one of the best to ever pro wrestle, but I will always personally have Mankind at the top of my list, in part because of Mr. Socko. The idea that the mentally loopy Mankind made himself a little sock puppet friend as a coping mechanism seems ridiculous, but it became one of those kooky ideas that 100% helped sell the derangement of the character while also creating a lovable and sympathetic side to Foley's bizarre persona.

Plus, what better way for Mick Foley's Mankind to sell the Mandible Claw than with a secondary character doing the clawing? As a kid, shoving a hand in someone's mouth didn't seem all THAT devastating, gross as it is. But adding a disgusting sock to the situation makes it completely understandable why opponents would be overwhelmed to the point of potentially passing out from the stench. (So funny.) Honestly, the only fate that seemed worse in the Attitude Era was getting a Stink Face from Rikishi, but I can't really say I'd have an easy time picking the better option.

Paul Bearer loving life holding Undertaker's Urn SmackDown

The Undertaker's Urn

The Undertaker's urn was one of the more mystical items gracing the WWE through the '90s, as it was purportedly a source of the wrestler's power. To this day, it's hard to explain exactly how the urn and its contents granted The Undertaker his strength and ability to suddenly pop right up just when you think he's knocked out, but we just know that when Paul Bearer had the urn in his possession, The Phenom became a much more proficient and deadly wrestler. Without it, he was still a hulking dude, obviously, but not nearly as motivated and badass as when it was nearby.

While the urn was a big part of The Undertaker's gimmick throughout the bulk of his career, the WWE moved away from it in his final years prior to retirement. Perhaps it was CM Punk's implication the ashes contained the deceased Paul Bearer (real name Bill Moody), or simply the fact that Bearer was the character who really sold the power of the relic. In either case, Taker continued his career without it, and somehow managed to be just as mystical and deadly in the process.

Al Snow looking crazy while Michael Cole Talks To Mankind Monday Night Raw


It's hard to talk about the Attitude Era without mentioning one of the most popular props of that boundary-pushing span: Al Snow's Head. The disembodied top of a female mannequin that accompanied Al Snow just about everywhere he went, Head was Al's confidant and...possibly...his lover. Head was also massively over with the fanbase, which jubilantly chanted "Head, Head, Head" whenever Snow was on screen or headed to the ring. WWE writers took advantage of that by spicing Snow's theme song up with dialogue that included "What does everybody want," and other bits that encouraged dirty-minded fans to chant it non-stop.

Head didn't elevate Al Snow to the levels of greatness celebrated by Mick Foley and The Undertaker, to be sure, but Snow's WWE run with Head was surprisingly fun and memorable right up until it/she was impaled by Prince Albert. Head was replaced by a Chihuahua named Pepper, for a storyline where even the WWE acknowledged that things were taken a bit too far. Sadly for WWE fans, Head didn't make a comeback until Snow left the company and returned briefly to ECW. Maybe Head could make an appearance at Raw throwback show in the future? Sitting in the crowd all alone, perhaps, just waiting for someone to pick it up.

Xavier Woods talking with Francesca SmackDown WWE


The New Day will go down in WWE history as a faction that won the fanbase over so much that the tag team literally made the things they were associated with more popular. This includes unicorns, pancakes, Booty-O's, and of course, Xavier Woods' beloved trombone Francesca. The instrument was vital in pumping up the crowd for the "New Day Rocks" chant, and it served as a wonderful distraction that won the faction a good deal of matches in their early run.

The original Francesca was destroyed by Chris Jericho, the jerk, and has since been replaced by Francesca II: Turbo. Unfortunately, Francesca hasn't been utilized quite as successfully or as often in matches ever since Big E Langston parted ways from the trio and joined the SmackDown roster. Hopefully, though, the WWE will put the three together again and let them operate at the full power we know they can.

Will Lily be as iconic as some of the other items on this list, or just a super-nightmarish flash in the pan? We can only continue to watch Monday Night Raw on USA every Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET to find out. For more on the world of WWE, keep yourself busy with the best WWE documentaries to watch on Peacock.

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