After John Cena's Unexpected Return, WWE Fans Went Berserk In The Best Of Ways

John Cena surprise appearance at Money In The Bank 2021 WWE

WWE's Money In The Bank pay-per-view was loaded with surprises, though few were quite as big as the return of one of the brand's biggest superstars: John Cena! [Cues the entrance music.] Universal Champion Roman Reigns was content to scowl into the eyes of the viewers watching at home right up until the credits were set to roll, but he was interrupted by none other than Mr. Money in the Bank himself. Fans in attendance understandably lost their minds at the sight of Cena's return, as did just about everyone watching.

Before we get into all that, it does help to see the actual return play out to get a feel for just how insane the energy was inside Fort Worth's Dickies Arena when John Cena arrived deep into the Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Take a listen to the crowd when Cena's music hit, and how it didn't exactly stop once the pro-wrestler-turned movie star strolled out onto the ramp.

It's the type of energy that can get the blood pumping even when watching the next day. Many WWE fanatics on the internet can attest to that feeling, as many have seemingly been watching Cena's return on repeat, possibly in anticipation of his return to Monday Night Raw the night after the pay-per-view, or possibly just because there isn't anything else worth watching that many times today.

John Cena's return for Money In The Bank has people talking, which isn't all that surprising, given his transition from wrestling mainstay into mainstream Hollywood actor. Plus, it may be easy to overlook that Cena has been in and out of the WWE for close to 20 years at this point, so he has a wide variety of wrestling fans across the world who can never tell when he'll be back. This includes people who haven't been following the brand as closely in recent years, who may want to check in now and see what he's up to.

UPN references will make somebody feel old right quick. Anyway, let's remember that John Cena isn't even just cool to wrestling fans anymore. His message of positivity and his general humorous demeanor has earned him a large fanbase across the pop culture spectrum. Seeing him is just as thrilling for adults as it is for children, and the proof is in the look that the cameraman had when Cena emerged unexpectedly.

John Cena's return is extremely exciting for hardcore wrestling fans, though, because he hasn't appeared in the WWE since his loss to Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania 36. His appearance at Money In The Bank seems to confirm that the plan is for him to wrestle Universal Champion Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021, assuming things go normally with his upcoming RAW appearance and whatever comes next. If fans were psyched to see Cena run to the ring and greet the crowd, imagine what will happen should they see him throw down with Reigns at one of the biggest venues for the event to date.

It's absolutely a mega-event that wrestling fans won't want to miss, provided it actually happens. (It's hard to predict anything these days, due to COVID flares and beyond.) With that said, all signs point to positive outcomes, and it's assumed the WWE wouldn't have had John Cena randomly appear at the very end of the Money In The Bank PPV if there were zero plans to use him going forward. So for now, fans needn't worry about this being a one-off event.

Set to hit the bigscreen for James Gunn's upcoming supervillain spectacular The Suicide Squad, John Cena is expected to make an appearance on Monday Night Raw on July 19 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend for more details on Cena's future in the WWE, and for more on the return of another superstar who could be also slated to make a big return.

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