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After Her In-Ring Wardrobe Malfunction, WWE's Carmella Had The Best Response For Fans

Carmella addressing the WWE Universe

Typically when we hear about accidents in pro wrestling, they have to do with an injury. Wardrobe malfunctions are far rarer in comparison, but every so often, they can happen. WWE superstar Carmella can certainly attest to that, as she recently almost exposed her entire upper half to a live audience during a match.

The moment happened during a recent house show, not a part of Monday Night Raw or Smackdown. Carmella was in the midst of a match with women's champion Bianca Belair when the back of her top split open completely. Watch the chaos unfold in the video below, in which Carmella tries to keep from turning the PG product into a rated-R feature for fans.

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By some miracle, Carmella was able to keep anything from popping out throughout the rest of the match, despite the fact that Bianca Belair didn't immediately understand what was going on. At some point, it did seem Belair caught on, as she's seen briefly pulling the back strap of Carmella's top to her back before pinning her with a random roll-up maneuver. Once the moment made its rounds on the internet, Carmella only had this to say to fans:

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Carmella is teasing the fans who thought they were going to catch her naked in the ring, and it's absolutely hilarious. Honestly, it felt like nothing short of a miracle she was able to complete that match the way she did without something coming out of place, though perhaps there were other protective measures in place to ensure that the front of her top stayed where it was supposed to.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the WWE may do after this close call with Carmella. After all, the WWE has tried to put forth a more family-friendly product recently compared to the days of the Attitude Era. Could the close call result in the brand cracking down and making more efforts to ensure something like this doesn't happen again, and if so, what could be done?

Honestly, it may just be chalked up to the fact accidents happen. It's a natural consequence of pro wrestling at a live event that the unexpected will occasionally happen, and it's on the performers to adjust and get out of sticky situations in the cleanest way possible. Sometimes wrestlers don't get so lucky, and the problems are a lot more serious than what happened during Carmella and Bianca Belair's match, so it's hard to argue these two didn't handle the situation as best as they possibly could.

Catch both Carmella and Bianca Belair on Smackdown on Fox Fridays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on the WWE, read up on The Rock's recent comments on the idea he's going to return to the WWE and the silliness that was proposed.

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