Why Big Brother 23's Blindside Eviction Wasn't Actually A Shock To Brent Champagne

Big Brother Season 23 is in full swing, so if you're behind, don't read through on all the details in this piece!

Big Brother Season 23 was set to have its first blindside of the season, and it had the potential to be huge. Brent Champagne had the idea that the entire house would flip on Xavier Prather's wishes and send Britini D'Angelo home instead of him. He thought the vote would be unanimous, and while he was right, it wasn't in his favor.

Fans were prepared for a massive reaction from Brent, and it would appear the Big Brother staff was as well given time set aside for an extended interview. Yet when the announcement came down, Brent seemed to be so calm, so I had to ask him during our interview why he wasn't shocked when the big blindside came.

I would've been more shocked if I stayed, and that's actually the truth. The observant side of my strategy never really left. People lie, but their subconscious and how they act with their body language and their mannerisms, that doesn't. And when you're reading people and looking at people and you're seeing them act slightly off, especially because we're spending 24/7 with each other. Like, I know what it's like when you're having fun with me and want to be close to me, and I know what it's like to see that slightly alter. I'm like 'Ok, something's up.' You were laughing at this or more receptive to this yesterday, but now you're a little bit more closed off. It's like, why is that? All those things, to me, equated to no one wants me in the house [laughs].

Brent Champagne indicated to me that there was no specific person in the house that told him his eviction was coming, but that he knew his time in Big Brother was up based on the body language of other Houseguests around him. Brent referenced that paranoia and constant awareness that Brandon "Frenchie" French and Travis Long both mentioned to me when we spoke about the game, which is to say it's hard to shake the feeling something is off when it actually is.

While Brent Champagne may not have vocalized it the past couple of days in Big Brother episodes or on the live feeds, he had a good feeling ahead of time that he would be the person who was going home. This led to the lack of surprise during the live eviction, which Brent addressed and offered a bit of an apology to viewers for.

I feel bad because I think America really wanted me to be like all upset and flustered, bamboozled. But [I'm] cool, calm, and collected-hope for the best, prepare for the worst is what I believe in. As much as I was very confident at putting those words out- love and attraction is something I believe in. As far as preparing for the worst I think that's what everyone should do so that way you're not devastsated. You're not disappointed. That's life, ya know? One thing I've said multiple times is that I'm living and playing a game that people dream of and I'm on a metaphorical block. People make it seem like this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. Yes, within the game, eviction is the worst thing that can happen. But like, in life? This is a walk in the park! I'm in a house that's stacked with food, I don't have to do anything, I don't have to work. It's like a vacation with nothing but betrayal [laughs]. So it's bittersweet, but at least a vacation nonetheless.

Truthfully, Brent Champagne has had about the best attitude towards leaving Big Brother 23 so far. Sure, he's disappointed, but he's looking on the bright side of things, and seemingly not too worried about what he could've done to stay in the game or otherwise. He may not have given America the reaction they wanted, but he did go out with honor and grace, and didn't try to torch anyone's game on the way out of the house. For that, the Houseguests really should be grateful.

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