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Good Girls’ Retta Is Hosting Her Own HGTV Show, But She Knows She Gives ‘Amateur’ Design Advice

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Obviously, HGTV is the place to be for viewers to peep a wealth of home renovation shows. From Home Town to Flip or Flop, and Windy City Rehab to Celebrity IOU, there are literally dozens of ways to watch all kinds of folks tackle the massive job of turning one person's trash into someone else's treasure with a wide variety of rehab projects. Now, former Good Girls star, Retta, is set to host a brand new series on the network, even though she knows she offers "amateur" design advice.

While there are certainly a number of professional interior designers, home renovation experts, and the like who host the many shows which populate HGTV, it's not unusual for people who are known in other fields, but have a love for turning undesirable locations into the perfect living environments for someone, to also step in and introduce viewers to the challenges of updating a house. Now Retta, of the late, great Good Girls and Parks and Recreation fame, is joining the HGTV family as the host of Ugliest House in America.

The new show, which is currently slated to debut at some point in early 2022, will focus on, you guessed it, some of the ugliest houses in the country. Ugliest House in America will see Retta help guide us through homes that have been nominated for the title by the homeowners, who feel that their property is one of the worst around. In Ugliest House in America, viewers will be treated to "failed flips, gaudy design and heinous hodge-podge horrors," in a coast to coast journey of hideous homes. The owners of the ugliest house will be gifted a renovation prize worth a whopping $150,000, and lead to a jaw dropping final reveal.

Retta is clearly excited to take on this new duty for the upcoming HGTV series, even though she, herself, is no pro when it comes to fixing up homes. As Retta noted:

I loooove a renovation ‘before and after’ so to have a front row seat from beginning to end in Ugliest House in America is pretty damn exciting, especially since I fancy myself an amateur designer. My go-to design recommendations are to add a chandelier and more cabinets for storage, so amateur!

Hey, Retta? No one in their right mind is going to fault you for suggesting more cabinets, alright? And chandeliers are just a fun bit of basically unnecessary luxury. Why have a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, or a plain-ass light fixture, when you could have something over the top and opulent? We'd have to get my chandelier from the clearance rack at Ikea, but if Retta is down to offer more ideas, I'm on board to accept her supposedly "amateur" vision.

We don't know right now if Retta will be offering advice on new amenities for the winning home, but having the comedian / actress around to discuss everything that's gone wrong in these houses will, obviously, be a boon for Ugliest House in America, and Betsy Ayala, HGTV's senior vice president of production and development, agrees. Ayala noted:

Ugliest House in America is going to offer an exploration of America’s homes like we’ve never seen before. This series will be eye candy with a twist as we showcase ‘home’ in an entirely new way, and with Retta at the helm, is sure to be a hilarious and fun-filled journey of the country’s oddest, wildest and most ridiculous homes.

We're not sure just yet how many episodes the first season of Ugliest House in America will have on HGTV, but with the show hitting our screens early next year, we don't have too long until we find out. Until we get our first look at Retta in Ugliest House in America, be sure to see what you can watch in the coming weeks with our 2021 fall TV schedule!

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