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The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Shares Behind-The-Scenes Look At Final Season As They Prepare To Say Goodbye

terry crews cheering behind the scenes for brooklyn nine-nine

Of all the TV shows that are ending and going away in 2021, none of them features a cast quite as energetically comedic as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, with its all-star ensemble led by the likes of Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero and Andre Braugher. The NBC comedy is gearing up for its eighth and final season, but it's thankfully first giving fans a splendidly silly look at the last batch of episodes as the stars share their behind-the-scenes thoughts on saying goodbye.

Check out the video below, and a big prize goes to whoever already guessed that the first ten seconds would feature Charles' blurred-out bare bottom.

Obviously, the biggest expectation anyone should have is that Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 is going to be funny as hell, as it goes every season. Truth be told, one entire episode could just be Andre Braugher's Captain Holt reacting to a variety of different things just with "Hot damn," and it would instantly enter the shortlist for Best Episodes Ever.

Like the first trailer that was previously released, this behind-the-scenes video also features the return of Chelsea Peretti's ego-centric former Nine-Niner Gina, and it also similarly offers zero information about why she's returning. Maybe she showed up specifically to give Jake shit about his shirt not being tucked in.

Or maybe she showed up just to point and laugh at Jake for somehow falling through the precinct's ceiling.

jake falling through ceiling onto floor on brooklyn nine-nine

Beyond Chelsea Peretti, we know that Scrubs vet John C. McGinley will be around in Season 8, as will Craig Robinson and Nicole Byer as the dual-generation Pontiac Bandits Doug Judy and his daughter. We're definitely hoping for more unannounced guest stars to pop up and win the day as well.

It's almost depressing to think that Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans almost lost the show forever a few years ago when Fox cancelled it. Thankfully, NBC stepped up and saved the day, even though the network also decided to pull the plug on the comedy series eventually. So if another studio wants to step in and save the day yet again, that would be mega-noice and super-toit and all the things.

Get ready for classic cold opens, classic Charles discomfort and classic Rosa crying scenes - wait, that's not a normal thing! - when Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 makes its debut on NBC on Thursday, August 12, at 8:00 p.m. ET, with episodes also available to stream on Peacock.

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