Brooklyn Nine-Nine Ending: Stephanie Beatriz And Cast Explain Final Season With Perfect Jake Peralta Quote

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine knows what it's like to be cancelled not once, but twice, though this time the show will be allowed to go out on its own terms. While it won’t quite get to a milestone 1-0 birthday (the show will be ending after Season 8), NBC is airing one final season to wrap 99 unit's storyline. Those episodes haven’t aired yet, but NBC made the announcement in time for the show’s writers to have time to write a classic ending and to give the fans and actors time to adjust to what will soon be the new norm. Series leads Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz have all spoken out about the impending ending, and of course, the Rosa actress just had to throw in one particularly famous Andy Samberg line.

Stephanie Beatriz has had a big year already, with a role in In The Heights raising her big screen profile. She also will appear in the ninth and final season of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a cop series that for eight seasons has towed the line between cases of the week and silly office antics, with some romance and a Pontiac Bandit thrown in to boot. Season 8 will be the show’s last, though Beatriz recently told Bustle it should end on a high note.

In the words of Jake Peralta, it’s going to be super toit. Obviously you can’t make everyone happy, but we will hopefully make a lot of people happy.

I mean really the only response to this quote is cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool right? Of course, Stephanie Beatriz is harkening back to a famous Andy Samberg line while hyping us for Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While I’m happy to know the show doesn’t seem as if it will end on a bittersweet note -- which is typically not that show’s vibe anyway -- there have been a lot of feelings surrounding the end of the show itself.

In fact, the show is prepping for its August 8th final season premiere and co-star Terry Crews also admitted that the set has been a pretty emotional place this season. While he doesn't get into specifics about the direction of the show, he did use a lot of descriptors in his interview with ET to hype up the fanbase.

It's going to be intense, it's going to be lovely, it's gonna be fun. We've been in tears, because we finished it. It's [been] eight seasons of joy.

So, is the cast happy that NBC ultimately made the announcement that Season 8 would be the last for Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Given the trajectory of the series, its previous cancellation at Fox, and the opportunity the show had to tell more of its story on NBC, it's no surprise at least one star of the long-running series thinks it was time. Melissa Fumero, who has played Aimee, Jake’s love interest and the most organized of the gang, does think it’s the right time. She’s already landed another gig with Marvel’s MODOK for Hulu and she told Looper:

It feels like the right time to end it, kind of going out while we still feel like we're on top. We're still making a really good show that we're proud of. We haven't overstayed our welcome. But obviously it's also really sad. I'm going to miss playing Amy. I'm going to miss seeing these people every day. I'm going to miss working with this cast who just continues to challenge me and make me a better actor and a better person. So it's really a lot of opposing emotions at once, but I'm really proud of the show, really proud of our run, really excited for people to see the final season and to celebrate with everyone. I'm trying to just focus on that, celebrate the show with everyone and our fans and take this victory lap.

Pretty spot-on that the Amy Santiago actress would have the most organized quote. Anyway, we'll find out what all of these comments mean soon enough. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's final season should be interesting in that it will be premiering before the traditional fall TV schedule. The final season will feature only 10 episodes, a very short season for a network sitcom, though it's worth noting that B-99 has declined from 22+ episodes to a shorter count during its last couple of seasons. All in all, I'm just excited the show will be able to wrap on the note it wanted rather than the screeching halt that sometimes happens when a show is cancelled before its time.

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