Rumors Are Swirling There's Duggar Family Friction Between Josh's Wife Anna And Jim Bob And Michelle

It’s been a few months since Josh Duggar was arrested by federal agents on one count of receiving child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography. He subsequently got out on bail and has been staying at a third party home while he awaits trial. His wife, Anna, has stayed by his side during this time, but that doesn’t mean everything has been copacetic for Anna Duggar. In fact, rumors are swirling there’s been some Duggar family friction.

As Josh Duggar has lingered in the third party home of family friends, Anna Duggar and their six kids (a seventh is on the way) have been more spending less time with the Duggar clan, after having allegedly been staying on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggars’ property even before Josh’s arrest. Things seemingly have not been going super smoothly between Anna and her famous in-laws. In fact, a source told The Sun:

Anna is really struggling with Josh's arrest, and she's still at war with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle. She has been pointing the finger at everyone else for what has happened to Josh, she's falling out with family members and isolating herself.

Seemingly supporting this is the fact that the kids have spent a lot of time with Anna’s sister Priscilla and her husband rather than with their grandparents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in recent weeks while their mother is away. Reports also indicate Anna Duggar has chosen to spend more and more time at Maria and LaCount Reber’s property in Elkins, Arkansas, which is where Josh Duggar is staying.

Though it seems clear that Anna Duggar will be sticking by Josh through this time and the subsequent trial that will follow (though was delayed), she has not openly spoken out about Josh’s arrest. In fact, she hasn’t posted to her social media since April 24 when she shared a post about girl cousins. Her Instagram description still reads, “I'm a Christian. Happily married and have 6 beautiful children!" Her final post was on April 24 just a few days before her husband's arrest on April 29.

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Previously, Anna Duggar stuck with Josh after a report broke that detailed molestation of some young women, including other Duggars siblings, when he was a teenager. The former 19 Kids and Counting star was also involved in a scandal when he name was found on a list of Ashley Madison users. He was married to Anna at the time, which is notable, as Ashley Madison was a website where cheating spouses could find outside companionship. Previous reports have indicated the reality TV star may feel her husband is innocent in this latest matter after sticking with him previously.

In the meantime, Josh Duggar isn't due in court until November now and the future is all very uncertain. For example, Josh's income from the car dealership dried up and it shut down before his arrest even happened in 2020. Anna Duggar used to receive money for filming Counting On, but TLC also cancelled that series in the wake of the arrest news. The entire Duggar clan is expected to be out a whole bunch of money in the coming year, but we'll be sure to keep you updated regarding what they all end up doing next.

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