Details Emerge About Alleged 'Oppressive' Home Where Josh Duggar Is Staying While Facing Child Pornography Charges

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There’s a lot that has already been written about Josh Duggar, his arrest on two child pornography-related charges and his subsequent bail into a third party household. While out on bail, Duggar has been staying with the Reber family, friends who allegedly know the Duggar family via their church community and who may have another connection through Anna Duggar's brother. Now, details about the home have reportedly emerged regarding where the former 19 Kids and Counting star is staying.

We heard a few weeks ago that the cops were called to a nearby residence near LaCount and Maria Reber’s property, where Duggar is housed. At the time, the neighbor alleged a stranger had been trespassing, though from reports it seems like the onlooker at the time was on a public road. Meanwhile, it seems as if the neighborhood is getting its fair share of gawkers, one of whom recently snapped some photos of the Reber household as Josh Duggar awaits his trial date.

An onlooker in Elkins, Arkansas recently snapped some photos of the property. Those photos, which can be seen over at Fox News, show a large property that lately features with "no trespassing" signs. The blinds on the house have been drawn so that anyone near the property cannot see inside. The unnamed source who spoke with Fox News called the whole thing “oppressive,” also noting the desolate landscape the property is on.

The home just looked closed up. It appears oppressive. There's just this heaviness when you go past it. The area is very isolated so it's obvious Josh doesn't have access to a lot of people.

We know from Josh Duggar’s bail hearing that the former reality star is limited on access. He can’t use any devices that are connected to the Internet. He is able to see his pregnant wife Anna and their six children; however, Anna must be present if he is spending time with his kids. In addition, Duggar is not allowed to be around other kids in the family. A request for Josh Duggar to stay at the residence owned by his famous parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was denied. In short, a lack of access to people would make sense.

The person who visited the area near the property also mentioned that they had been by that way before and that the property itself seems to be a little more "desolate" and less well taken care of than it used to feel. It is worth noting this is just the impression the unnamed person felt while visiting, though now that Josh Duggar's stay may well be longer, the property will likely remain closed up for a while.

In fact, Josh Duggar’s trial was expected to kick off in July, but his lawyers recently filed paperwork to push back that date. So, Duggar’s stay in the “oppressive” home may be continuing for some time while he awaits his court date. We’ll keep you updated if there are any other developments in the case.

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