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How Superman And Lois Just Gave Morgan Edge A Huge Advantage Over Superman

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for "The Eradicator." Read at your own risk!

Superman's half-brother Tal-Rho, who everyone on the show has thankfully resorted to just calling Morgan Edge again, made a major change to himself recently on Superman & Lois. Edge's Plan B to become "The Eradicator" was confusing at first, right up until he turned the tables on Superman with a move that might actually bend the hero to his will this time. Edge captured Jordan Kent, and after zapping him with blue energy from his own body, transferred the consciousness of his father Zeta-Rho into Jordan.

Just to back things up a bit, Zeta-Rho was the first husband of Superman's Kryptonian mother, Lara Lor-Van. The two were genetically matched for marriage and gave birth to Tal-Rho (Edge), but she eventually left her family and started a new one with Jor-El. Zeta-Rho swore vengeance and sent his son and a machine Lara created that can harbor the consciousness of Kryptonians to Earth, hoping to one day bring back Krypton on the planet. The ultimate goal was to manipulate Superman into helping Tal-Rho and then Zeta-Rho would delete Lara's consciousness from the device after revealing to her all he accomplished after she left.

Tal-Rho gave that original plan his best shot as Morgan Edge but ultimately was unable to manipulate Superman. Fast-forward to the end of the latest episode, and now Jordan has the consciousness of Zeta-Rho in his body. Superman isn't going to beat the hell out of his own child, so that's a big bonus, but won't Zeta-Rho be disappointed his half-Kryptonian host only has a fraction of the power of the average Kryptonian?

Superman & Lois could turn this around, though, and I've wondered if Zeta-Rho's inherent understanding of Kryptonian powers may unlock abilities Jordan has not yet shown on his own. I don't think many fans are expecting Season 1 to end with Jordan being killed or permanently inhabited by Zeta-Rho. Still, one has to think that curing Jordan without risking harming him in any way just won't be possible, and snapping Zeta-Rho out of his consciousness probably won't be too easy either.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though because Superman & Lois ended with Superman completely unaware of where Jordan is. Lois was understandably frustrated that her husband, who is allegedly the most powerful man in the universe, was incapable of the task, but she ultimately was just a worried mom. Ultimately, this duo has the best investigative journalist in the world, an indestructible superhero, the brilliant John Henry Irons, and the resources of the entire military at their disposal. They're going to find Jordan eventually, though what comes after is another story entirely.

Superman & Lois airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Get ready for a big finish to this Morgan Edge story, and read about the other Superman series that's coming to HBO Max right here.

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