RuPaul Has The Perfect On-Brand Response For Jeopardy's Hosting Troubles

RuPaul being witty and hilarious while serving as guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jeopardy! has been going through a rough patch lately, peaking with executive producer Mike Richards stepping down from the hosting position amidst a growing backlash. Now, the game show is tasked with finding a less controversial replacement, while Big Bang Theory vet Mayim Bialik steps up ahead of a new batch of guest hosts. With the renewed search again underway, the debacle is now easy fodder for social media and late night talk shows. So of course Drag Race’s RuPaul had to give his response to the show’s hosting troubles, and it was perfectly on-brand.

While Mike Richards may have seemed like a safe choice to Jeopardy! and Sony execs, it soon became clear that wasn't the case. While doing some guest-hosting of his own on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, RuPaul talked about the Jeopardy! upheaval and made a case for himself taking over to stand behind the podium once utilized by Alex Trebek. Check out what the RuPaul's Drag Race host said regarding Jeopardy!'s hunt during a segment from his opening monologue:

Sources say the show is now looking for someone with poise, authority and natural intelligence. In gayer news, I'm right here, bitch!

It seemed the drag icon just threw his name into the renewed search for a new Jeopardy host, and I think we should start breaking out the petitions and giant signs and airplane banners. At the very least, an ad on the side of a bus.

Of course, it wouldn’t be RuPaul if he didn’t give his signature wit and bluntness, and talking himself up as Jeopardy!'s next host was a solid way to end the "In Gayer News" segment. Given the whole debacle, RuPaul would have to be pretty over-the-top to make his case anyway, considering the guest hosts that have been utilized so far don't exactly have the most theatrical personalities. But the Drag Race host definitely wouldn’t be a bad choice to front the trivia-geared series.

RuPaul’s resume already made the case for at least a guest host stint, though that could evolve into more. He already has experience with competitions, he knows how to handle contestants’ witty remarks and shady moments with his sharp and hilarious reads, and he can keep anyone in line when it comes down to those intense moments leading up to Final Jeopardy. Not that the game show's hopefuls are nearly as dramatic as Drag Race's contestants, but still. RuPaul could add a fresh take and outlook to a fairly staid format, while still remaining poised when presenting the clues. Just to see his interaction with contestants during introductions would make Jeopardy a worthwhile view.

Hopefully, Jeopardy won’t say sashay away from RuPaul before he can get a shot at hosting the show. Mike Richards' exit from hosting the show garnered many reactions from other celebrities, including former guest host LeVar Burton, whom fans were hoping would get hired on full-time. The trivia show is reportedly looking to make Mayim Bialik a more permanent host despite her busy schedule, so RuPaul might not even have a chance to make it to the stage before choices are made.

With Mike Richards out as the permanent host of Jeopardy, despite staying on board as executive producer, Mayim Bialik will be filling in for three weeks with more guest hosts to be announced. Jeopardy Season 38 will start on Sep. 10 with Mike Richards’ episodes airing the first week before Bialik and other guest hosts officially take over.

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