Watch An MSNBC Reporter Get Disturbingly Confronted By Yelling Man During Live Hurricane Coverage

While live TV broadcasts normally go off without too many hitches, every so often a potential nightmare scenario presents itself usually in the form of technical difficulties or uninvited guests (or a case of bad gas). The uninvited-guest scenario was the case for MSNBC's reporter Shaquille Brewster, whose morning coverage of Hurricane Ida's impact in Mississippi was rudely and disturbingly interrupted by yelling man who clearly had no qualms with looking like a maniac on live TV.

To be clear right up front, the situation was resolved without further incident, despite the TV footage showing the man appearing to get physical with Shaquille Brewster before it quickly cut back to a bewildered Craig Melvin at the MSNBC studio. So there's no need to worry about something happening on the shockingly violent side of things. Check out the footage below:

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As seen in the footage, Shaquille Brewster was just off of the beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, and was calmly reporting on how certain people were already getting back to pre-hurricane habits now that the rain had stopped in the area. That's when a light-colored truck pulled off the road and into a muddy area nearby. It's rather bothersome to see him running through the mud and the wind specifically to yell largely unintelligible things at the MSNBC crew members in what can easily be considered a threatening manner. Like a boss, Brewster guided the cameraman's focus away from the imposing new arrival, and just when it seemed like everything has slipped back into the previous groove, the dude rushed into the frame and appeared as if he was about to strike Brewster when the footage shifted back to the studio.

Thankfully, MSNBC viewers didn't have to wait too long before anchor Craig Melvin offered updates confirming that Shaquille Brewster was safe and out of potential harm's way. Not that his updates added any further context to what the accosting man actually wanted.

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Shaquille Brewster also reached out to fans on his Twitter page for a quick update to say he made it through the encounter without any further consequences beyond a botched weather update, saying:

Appreciate the concern guys. The team and I are all good!

As scary as Category 5 hurricanes can be, they're not quite as instantly nerve-wracking as a strange person running up to you and hollering for no discernible reason. So three cheers for everything turning out okay in this instance, and here's hoping the segment-interrupting man is getting the proper attention from someone in an official capacity. Not to mention hoping that this was a one-off instance, and that this guy isn't aiming to repeat that behavior for other MSNBC segments whose locations he's privy to.

Nick Venable
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