Local News Reporter Broadcasts From Home, Doesn’t Realize Her Husband Is Naked In The Background

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So many things have changed so fast in just a little over a month, but, we're all trying to keep keeping on as much as possible. To that end, many of us are working from home when it previously wouldn't have even been an option before, and this includes not only our favorite late night hosts, morning TV anchors and daytime talk show hosts, but quite a few local news reporters. I'm sure that figuring out where to do your broadcasting when at home can be difficult, but one reporter made an X-Rated error recently that exposed her husband's full nakedness on the local news.

Let's set the scene, shall we? Sacramento, California reporter Melinda Meza, who works for KCRA, was doing a segment from home trying to show women how to trim their own hair as they continue to avoid going to salons. She spoke with a couple of hairstylists via video chat about what life has been like for them recently, and then the video cut back to Meza trimming her own bangs in the bathroom of her home. This segment seems like it was well thought out, but, I can bet that Meza, her husband and everyone who works at KCRA would beg to differ on that point after it aired. Take a look at the VERY NSFW video:

Did you catch it? I certainly didn't notice the problem until very close to the end of the video, because I was doing what I was supposed to do, and was looking at Melinda Meza's lovely, happy face as she finished her report. But then, my eyes veered to the left and to the right, where I spotted Meza's husband in all his glory standing in the mirror reflection in the shower. Oh, dear!

I have so many questions about how this happened. I will assume that Meza's home only has one bathroom, because why else would she film in the one where her husband is trying to take a shower? I didn't hear any water running, so it seems like he halted his bathing so that splashing sounds wouldn't get in the way of her audio. And, really that's for the best. Can you imagine the depth of the porn scenario if he had been soaping up his assorted parts while this was going on?

Why did Melinda Meza feel the need to film in the bathroom at all? Sure, that's the most logical place to cut one's hair, but she's not looking in the mirror. She could have easily done this in a corner of her living room, especially since she didn't seem to do any kind of full haircut on herself during her report.

I do understand, however, why neither Meza nor her husband realized he could be seen au naturel on camera. If you've ever taken a shower (man, I really hope you've taken a shower) or been on camera, you will know that one thing is true about each of these activities: you focus on yourself and getting the job done each time. Meza was worried about looking good on camera herself and saying what she needed say in the best way. Her husband was just trying to get clean, you guys, and didn't want to accidentally do anything that would get in his wife's way as she worked. They couldn't spare enough time for investigating reflections and angles, alright?

I actually find two things really intriguing about this video. First, the fact that Melinda Meza's husband is full dong in the mirror, while we can't even see the dude's head, is hilarious. I mean, it's mortifying, but what are the chances that we'd be treated to basically his full nude body but not his head?

Secondly, did you see the folks in the studio when they cut back to them? It's clear that at least one person noticed the additional report we got, and that person is the smirking meteorologist. Look at him on the left side of the screen, with that goofy grin on his face and posed as though he was trying to steel himself against uncontrollable laughter. What do you say when they throw it to you? Nothing, that's what. You have to pretend, really hard, that you didn't just see all of your co-worker's husband's penis. I predict a 75% chance of chuckles from this guy as soon as they go to commercial.

Well, TV can't be all accidental peens, folks. So, if you need something else to watch, be sure to check out our Netflix premiere schedule, take a look at the finales that are coming up in the next few weeks, and see what will be coming to TV this summer!

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