Why Marvel Star Ethan Hawke Is Happier On Moon Knight Over A Batman Or Spider-Man Project

Ethan Hawke in The Magnificient Seven (2016)

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Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight is still pretty much a mystery at this point, so fans have been chomping at the bit for news on Marc Spector’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. While plot details aren’t few and far between at the moment, we do know that the Disney+ show has tapped some big stars like lead actor Oscar Issac. Ethan Hawke will also be joining the actor, and it seems the Oscar-nominated star is enjoying his time on set. He actually even explained why he’s happier working on a property like this as opposed to a Batman or Spider-Man project.

Considering Ethan Hawke’s past comments on the superhero genre, some were likely surprised when his casting was reported. Yet I’m sure they’re pleased that an actor of his caliber is on the show. He’s said a number of positive things about his experience on the project, but he seems to take particular pleasure in the fact that the production is centered on a lesser known hero:

If you were an actor in the ’50s, you know, they made Westerns. If you’re an actor in the 2020s, you’ve got Marvel. And I’m really fortunate because we’re dealing with a story that doesn’t have a lot of ancillary baggage. If you play Spider-Man or Batman, they’ve got so much baggage and the audience have such expectations. It’s like playing Hamlet — you can’t play it in a vacuum. You’re playing it in relationship to the other Hamlets. Whereas with Moon Knight, people don’t know much about it. It doesn’t have a lot of baggage. Oscar (Isaac) is giving an absolutely phenomenal performance, and it feels exciting to be a part of it with him.

Although there are plenty of comic book fans who are familiar with Moon Knight, Ethan Hawke made a fair point to TheWrap. The character of Marc Spector, like many MCU characters before him, will begin his journey as a figure that’s relatively unknown to the general public. On top of this, he’s also one of the more “unconventional” heroes Marvel has in its stable of talent.

Even though he’s not a household name like Spider-Man, Superman or Wonder Woman, it’s fair to assume that this won’t be the case for long. Marvel Studios has proven that it has a knack for turning somewhat obscure characters into beloved staples of pop culture. Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and the Guardians of the Galaxy are only a few prime examples of this trend. So if history is any indication, Oscar Issac’s hero should follow suit, as should other new upcoming heroes like She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel. Their debuts will also happen on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

Moon Knight is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing entries in the MCU, and Oscar Issac seems excited to be taking on the role. Ethan Hawke is reportedly playing the show’s antagonist and, if that is truly the case, watching the two actors come to blows would be pretty exciting.

With the show still in production, it’ll likely be some time before we get an official look at it but, hopefully, the wait will have been worth it. And we’ll also be watching to see if any of those pesky rumors turn out to be true.

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