Tom Ellis Talks About Lucifer’s Ending And How Things Will Wrap Up On Netflix

Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer.

The sixth and final season of Netflix’s Lucifer is premiering later this week, and many are eager to see how things wrap up for the titular Devil and his supporting cast. Following Season 5’s Godly cliffhanger of a finale, the series will be going in a different direction for its final episodes. And recently, Tom Ellis, who portrays the fallen angel, talked about the show’s ending and how things will finally wrap up.

The cast of Lucifer got together to do an interview with EW to discuss the final season and what the characters have been through thus far. The characters, and the actors who portray them, have endured an awful lot since the cheeky Devil first appeared on our TV screens in 2016. Of course, this journey evven includes a few dodged cancellations. Ahead of the show's conclusion, Tom Ellis shared his one hope for the finale along with a few thoughts on the ending:

I really hope that we’ve done service to everything else we’ve done before it, and I feel that we have. We did talk painstakingly about ‘How do we end this?’ And ‘What’s the right way to end it?’ And all of those things. It was an interesting time because everyone was so invested in these characters and in this show that we really cared that we did this right. And I feel like we got to a place where we did that, and I really strongly believe that our fans will think the same thing… I feel like we’ve done ourselves proud in that department.

Lucifer’s transformation into God at the very end of Season 5 sets the stage for a very interesting final stretch of episodes. While specific story details are pretty much unknown, recent reports indicate that fans should be in for something special and nostalgic. There will reportedly be a few callbacks to earlier seasons, as one character will be appearing for the first time since the pilot episode.

In addition, viewers can also look forward to seeing their favorite characters get animated (literally), as the season will feature an animated installment. Such an unconventional installment should stand proudly alongside the series' meta, noir and musical episodes. The episodes will likely be emotional for fans but, given that we're talking about Lucifer, the show is sure to give fans plenty of humor as it takes its final bow.

Last month, D.B. Woodside, who portrays Lucifer’s angelic brother Amenadiel, also shared his hopes for the series' legacy. He's hoping that the fans will stick with it for years to come. It’s obvious that the support means a lot to the cast, and it's understandable. If it weren’t for them, Lucifer likely wouldn't have made it past the Fox cancellation and found its way to the streaming world. There are still plenty of questions to considering going into Season 6 but, as a fan myself, I'm excited to see how this crazy journey comes to an end.

The final season of Lucifer drops on Netflix this Friday, September 10.

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