Hear Me Out: Why Lucifer's Season 5 Twist On Netflix Really Was The Best Ending

Spoilers ahead for Season 5 of Netflix’s Lucifer. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

The second half of Season 5 of Netflix’s Lucifer has finally released and it was a lot to take in. The final episodes of Season 5B, in which there were quite a few twists leading up to Lucifer and Michael’s climactic fight, were a lot. Those twists are what make it one of the best, if not the best, ending for a season or series, at least in a while. Look, many people have had different reactions to Season 5 of Lucifer as a whole and not everyone felt this way. But considering the twists the finale had, Season 6 will be a tough one to wait on and I totally think the ending works.

What Happened At The End Of Lucifer's Season 5B Finale, Explained

The Season 5B finale of Lucifer dealt with the aftermath of Dan’s murder from the previous episode, as well as the anticipated fight between angelic brothers Lucifer and Michael over who would take over God’s role. They both brought their own army to the fight, with Maze providing a great part of Lucifer’s side. When it seemed like Lucifer and friends were finally gaining some ground against Michael, Michael stabs Chloe in front of Lucifer, killing her instantly. However, Lucifer goes to Heaven and retrieves Chloe’s soul. You'd think that's the end. It's not.

Next, Lucifer is then obliterated by Heaven, due to his banishment. Back on Earth, Chloe uses her abilities gifted to her by Lilith’s ring and the Key to fight Michael and Lucifer returns, but not as the Devil. Michael and the angels then surround Lucifer, kneeling before him as the season comes to a close with the final words, spoken by Lucifer in his new role: “Oh my Me.” Did this ending work for you? It certainly worked for me.

Why I Feel That Twist Really Was The Best Ending

The Season 5B finale was like a movie all on its own. It's dramatic, heart-wrenching, came to a climax and then ended with a twist I sort of even felt was coming but still managed to surprise me. Throughout the final few episodes, you may have thought that Michael was going to become the new God and in the finale it really was looking that way. Then, when the Angel of Death came and Michael stabbed Chloe, it was like a punch to the gut. She is a beloved character and she had finally just gotten together with Lucifer after all this time. She was at peace in Heaven up until Lucifer came to her rescue and it was because of her that Lucifer was able to defeat Michael and come into his true Calling as God, not the Devil.

Not many can picture Lucifer as God, which is why the twist is so insane and different for TV. With the way that the season ended, with no one really pointing out and saying that “Lucifer is God,” but with everyone kneeling and realizing that he is their boss now and Lucifer saying “Oh my Me” was in true Lucifer fashion. It sets up what is likely going to be an interesting sixth and final season, as well, which is why I really do feel that twist is so important.

Throughout the final few episodes, you may have thought that Michael was going to become the new God and in the finale it really was looking that way. This ending was the best because you didn't see it coming. It was unpredictable. When I thought one thing was going to happen, something else happened. It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and it was a masterpiece of an ending. It was beautiful, shocking, and it made me crave the next episode, even though we likely won't be getting it for a while. If champing at the bit for more isn't a sign of a successful finale, I don't know what is.

Although Season 6 of Lucifer is wrapped, there is no set date for when it could premiere on Netflix (yet). The final season is confirmed to have just 10 episodes, so whether or not Lucifer’s God duties will continue on into next season is just one of many questions I (and plenty of fans) have following the finale. Lucifer as God will be an interesting storyline going into Season 6 and I can't wait to see how they explore it! Now, just how will the upcoming series finale top this season finale?

All five seasons of Lucifer are currently streaming on Netflix.

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