Latest Star Trek: Picard Trailer Features First Look At Borg Queen, And How Q Messes With Reality

Star Trek: Picard fans got the news days ago that the Borg Queen would join Season 2, and now we're learning about the vital role she plays in Picard's attempt to stop Q's latest trial. The Star Trek Day trailer for the upcoming season of the Paramount+ series gave us a good look at Annie Wersching's Borg Queen and did a lot to explain exactly what trouble Q caused for Jean-Luc Picard and friends this time around.

The trailer kicked off with Picard saying, "To heal our future, we must repair the past," and it would seem the key to repairing the past is in the 21st century. Jean-Luc, Raffi, Agnes and the rest of the team will time-travel presumably via the help of the Borg Queen in order to fix the past as part of a trial. If not, it would seem they're doomed to live in an altered future in which Starfleet has become some "totalitarian nightmare."

It's a totalitarian nightmare that, weirdly enough, Jean-Luc appears to be in charge of. He's seen on stage alongside Seven of Nine, who, as previously noted, is without her Borg implant on her eye. Later, we see Elnor, Agnes and Raffi, all of whom seem to understand the world isn't the way they remember. Cristobal (who got his lore expanded a bit since Season 1) isn't seen with the group early in the trailer, though his face can be spotted in the time travel sequence with the Borg Queen (we've seen the Borg time travel before) and in the later scenes.

The stakes are high, as they often are with Q. Either Picard and crew repair the timeline in the 21st century within three days, or the Prime Timeline Q altered will be permanent. I'm assuming, given the events of Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, that history will not be altered, but we could've also assumed that given Jean-Luc has always risen to Q's challenges.

One thing we don't see in the latest trailer for Star Trek: Picard is any unexpected or familiar characters, which may be a bit of a letdown for some. After all, there were a lot of former Star Trek: The Next Generation cast rumored to appear in the upcoming season, but so far, it doesn't appear any of them will appear in this season. If it's any consolation though, this trailer may just tease the first couple of episodes, and it's possible at least one familiar character could be hiding out in a future episode. Even though we've gotten a couple of trailers now, I'm not convinced we know the whole story to this season just yet.

Star Trek: Picard Season 2 is expected to premiere on Paramount+ sometime in February of 2022. For more on the season and what's going on, read up on how John de Lancie felt about reprising his role as Q in Season 2.

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