24 Revival For Jack Bauer? Fox Boss' Latest Update Sounds Promising

Close-up shot of Jack Bauer pointing a gun on 24. Kiefer Sutherland

It’s been over a decade since the Kiefer Sutherland-led 24 ended its initial eight-season run on Fox in 2010. Watching CTU agent Jack Bauer break all the rules in the name of fighting terrorism was can’t-miss television in the early aughts, thanks to its plot twists, cliffhanger endings and foreboding ticking clock. And while Fox has maintained heavy interest over the years in recreating the magic of the real-time, split-screen drama (leading to the limited series and one-season spinoff) this latest update gives us hope that viewers just might see Jack Bauer on the small screen again.

Kiefer Sutherland has definitely voiced interest in the past when it comes to reprising the role of the rebellious Counter Terrorist Unit agent, but where does Fox stand on another Jack-Bauer-led project? Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn recently told Deadline that there was “potential” for such an outcome, and that conversations are being had. In his words:

There’s still a possibility, there’s still some discussions with the producers on a take that we have yet to hear. There [are] some active creative discussions that are happening.

These claims aren’t completely out of the ordinary, as Fox has worked on developing multiple 24-related projects in the works over the years that didn’t come to fruition, usually with an impetus on focusing on characters other than Jack Bauer. But what’s interesting about this comment is Thorn’s assumed willingness to answer that question with Jack in mind, rather than choosing to steer the topic toward completely new angles for the 24 universe to return to. Which obviously doesn't guarantee a celebratory return from Kiefer Sutherland's resident badass, but it's a start.

What’s Dennis Haysbert up to these days? Is there some kind of buddy cop situation that could happen between Bauer and former President Palmer? I’d be down for that. A whole series focusing solely on Mary Lynn Rajskub's Chloe, with occasional phone calls from Jack, would also be great, dammit! Or, you know, a fully on-brand 24 season involving high-stakes threats and the like.

Kiefer Sutherland led the 24 franchise as Jack Bauer for its original eight-season run, as well as in a 2008 TV movie — 24: Redemption — and limited ninth season in 2014 — 24: Live Another Day. When Fox revived the series in 2017 for 24: Legacy, Jack Bauer was not involved. Instead the narrative followed Eric Carter (played by Corey Hawkins from In the Heights and The Walking Dead) as a war veteran and agent for the newly re-established CTU. The 12-episode series followed the same real-time format (with a 12-hour time jump in the finale) as the original, but had trouble attracting viewers and was canceled after one season.

After 24: Legacy’s cancellation, Fox may have been more hesitant to follow the 24 format down a different road with new characters. Last year Fox announced it had halted progress on two 24 spinoff series in production. The first was a Jack Bauer prequel series that would have shows fans how Jack turned into the no-holds-barred CTU agent that he was when audiences first met him back in 2001. The second proposed project revolved around 24’s real-time ticking clock and planned to bring the format to other genres, such as a legal thriller.

While it’s far from an official confirmation, the Fox president’s comments are definitely enough to pique the interest of 24 fans, who haven’t had a proper Jack-Bauer-induced adrenaline boost in years. Until we hear more concrete news from Fox Entertainment, all nine seasons of 24, as well as 24: Legacy are streaming on Hulu. And be sure to check out our 2021 Fall TV Schedule for the upcoming premiere dates of all your favorite shows.

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