10 TV Show Funko Pops We Can't Believe They Haven't Made Yet

Joey from Friends

Funko Pops are amazing. You know what I’m talking about. Those little figurines with the big heads and adorable eyes you’ll see in book stores, movie theaters, and game shops. We already covered movies that we can’t believe haven’t been Funko-ized yet. Now, we’re delving into TV shows territory.

There are some crazy omissions from the TV side of Funko Pops. Sure, series like Friends, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad all have a slew of Funko Pops. But there are some shows you would think would have several that don’t have any. That is what this list is all about. Once again, prepare to be shocked.

The cast of Seinfeld


(In Jerry’s voice) What… is up… with there being no Seinfeld Funko Pops? Sure, there are Seinfeld toys, but they’re not the Pops we’re looking for. We want big-headed George Constanza to have an even bigger headed Funko Pop. Is that too much to ask? These Pops would all definitely be “sponge-worthy.”

I would of course want George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer, but I would also want J. Peterman, Elaine’s other boss, Mr. Pitt (eating a candy bar with a fork and knife) Newman with his mail bag, and even Steinbrenner, but it would only be the back of his head. Why is Seinfeld not a Pop again?

The Wire

The Wire

Yo, Omar’s coming! Omar’s coming! But I’ll tell you what’s probably not coming anytime soon. The Wire Funko Pops. Which is strange, since The Wire has such a large cast and is such a cult favorite, you would think the whole crew would have Funko Pops by now. I mean, Firefly has Funko Pops, and that show never even got a finale (Unless you count Serenity, of course.)

But The Wire Pops would be super cool. I'd want Omar, of course, but I’d also want Bunk, Herc, Stringer Bell, McNulty… I mean, the list goes on and on. Brother Mouzone. Proposition Joe. Seriously, I have more than enough Funko Pops in my house right now, but I would buy Pops for every single character from The Wire if they made them. It would probably take up the rest of my basement, but I don't care. Make it happen.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos

Woke up this morning… got myself a Funko Pop. Except, it was Xena: Warrior Princess since I couldn’t find any for The Sopranos. This is fascinating, too, since The Sopranos was one of the biggest shows in HBO history, and yet it doesn’t have a single Funko Pop. Not even Tony, so you know they don’t have my favorite character, Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero.

If there were Funko Pops of The Sopranos, I'd want Tony in his black and white bowling shirt, his Hawaiian shirt, and his suit. I'd want Vito in his gay club outfit, and Junior with his white hat and glasses. Man… I miss The Sopranos. Don’t stop believing… that we’ll eventually get some Funko Pops for this beloved show.

Jack Bauer in 24


Dammit, Chloe! Where the hell are my 24 Funko Pops? Jack Bauer and the gang at CTU used to be super popular in the Bush-era, so it’s understandable that Funko isn’t rushing to produce 24 Funko Pops today. But I have a Topanga Pop from Boy Meets World staring right at me now as I type this, so if Boy Meets World can get some Funko love, I’m not sure why 24 hasn’t.

I'd want all of CTU. Jack, Tony, Chloe, Edgar (Aww, RIP, Edgar). I want President Palmer. Hell, I'd even want a cougar for when the show jumped the shark all the way back in Season 2. We're running out of time! Bring on the 24 Pops NOOOOW!

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is in its 16th season (!) and yet, it doesn’t have a single Funko Pop to its name. How is that even possible? I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy since about Season 4, but from what I remember of it, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (Formerly Seattle Grace) have so many cast members, that I’m surprised Funko didn’t start popping these bad boys out years ago.

There were a lot of deaths on the show, but Funko could bring them back to life again. Dr. Shepherd, Dr. Sloan, Dr. O’Malley, bring them all back. Plus, you could, of course, have the regulars, like, I don’t know... Dr. Meredith Grey? There are just so many doctors to choose from, and I can't even choose one. Why?

Family Matters

Family Matters

It’s a rare condition, in this day and age... to go to the Gamestop and find the Funko Pop you’re looking for. Especially if you’re a fan of the Winslow clan, to which there are no Funko Pops for Family Matters. At least ones that aren’t custom-made. But again, if Boy Meets World has Funko Pops, I’m not sure why other popular series on the TGIF line-up don’t.

As for what I'd want, well, I'd want Steve Urkel, of course, but I'd also want Stefan Urkel. I'd want Eddie, I'd want Waldo Faldo, I'd want Carl. And like Steve, I'd want Laura! Is that so much to ask?

Rod Serling on The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

At the signpost up ahead, your next stop is…The Twilight Zone. Granted, this is a pretty old show, but it’s such a classic one, that you would think there would at least be a Funko Pop of the big-headed aliens from “To Serve Man” or the little boy from “It’s a Good Life” who can make anything happen with his mind. I envision that one would feature the boy pointing.

But really, there’s so much to pull from The Twilight Zone, that I’m pretty surprised that there is nothing on the market from Funko Pop. Not even a Rod Serling Pop, which is just criminal. There’s a gremlin on the wing!

Roseanne and family


Granted, I understand that Roseanne is currently pretty much barred (get it?) from TV, but that doesn’t mean Funko has to exclude the rest of the Conner clan from getting popped. Roseanne is one of those shows that will forever remain in syndication somewhere, and will forever have an audience. It’s the perfect time capsule of the 90s and was a great companion piece to Married… With Children, which, I might add, has a number of Funko Pops.

Roseanne would be a fun series to have a collection since there are multiple phases of the characters. You would of course have two different Becky’s for the different actresses who played them, a Dan pop, Jackie, Roseanne’s mother and also grandmother, D.J., Darlene’s boyfriend, who would later go on to star on The Big Bang Theory. Again, lots of characters, but no Funko Pops. What gives?

The Banks family and Will

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

While I would love to get jiggy with Will Smith and the gang, alas, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is yet another immensely popular TV series that never made the jump to being made into Funko toys. It’s not that Will Smith hasn’t been made into a Funko Pop. He has, of course. His Agent J from Men In Black became a Pop, as did Steve Hiller from Independence Day, as well as Detective Mike Lowery from Bad Boys. So there is no shortage of Will Smith Funko Pops.

But I want a Pop of the character that started it all. I want Will from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! I'd also want Jazz, Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv (Both of them), Carlton mid-dance, Ashley, Hillary, and of course, Geoffrey the Butler. Plus, the Will one has to have the classic outfit with the sideward hat and the blue shorts, as well as his school days wearing the jacket inside out. I want to know how he became the prince in a town called Bel-Air!

The Critic

The Critic

Last but certainly not least, it stinks that there are no Funko Pops of Jay Sherman, a.k.a. The Critic. I understand that The Critic wasn’t the most popular cartoon in the world, but if Daria can get a Funko Pop, I’m pretty sure The Critic can get a Funko Pop, too.

Now, the thing about The Critic is that while there were several characters on the show, most of them were forgettable, which is why the animated series may not have lasted all that long. Instead, most of the jokes came from the parodies of movies that the show lampooned. So, all I’m really asking for is a single Pop, but of Jay Sherman sitting in his chair. The Pop would have a dialogue bubble, which is something I’m pretty sure Pop has never done before, and it would simply say, “It stinks!” And yes, I understand I’m probably the only person in the world who would buy this Funko Pop. But what do you want from me? I love The Critic.

So that’s 10 TV shows that still have no Funko Pops whatsoever. I’m sure there are plenty more TV shows that deserve to be Popped (Peewee’s Playhouse, anyone?) that haven’t yet. But those are my picks. What Pops for TV series would you like to see be made? Sound off in the comment section below.

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