Wait, Will Regé-Jean Page's Duke Of Hastings Actually Appear In Bridgerton Season 2 On Netflix?

Regé-Jean Page as Simon Basset/The Duke of Hastings in Bridgerton

When Season 2 of Netflix’s hit Gossip Girl-esque Regency-era drama Bridgerton was announced, fans were excited at the prospect of seeing what happens next with the wealthy Bridgerton family. That said, it was also revealed that everyone’s favorite Duke, Regé-Jean Page, was exiting the series ahead of the second season. Many were upset, especially with the new family his character, Simon Basset, had just created with Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Bridgerton. But could the Duke of Hastings make a return despite the actor stepping away for Season 2?

As Season 2 of Bridgerton is filming, more information is being released. With the second season focusing on Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton, there won't be as much need for Daphne and Simon, which will make it easier to work around Page’s absence. However, the Emmy-nominated actor did tease to GQ that there may be something in the works:

You know I couldn’t tell you! . . . Isn’t there something wonderful about being surprised by what you weren’t suspecting?

Following Regé-Jean Page’s exit from Bridgerton, fans couldn’t help but wonder if there was still hope that he could be returning. While executive producer Shonda Rhimes didn’t think it would make sense for him to cameo as it wouldn’t go along with the story if he just stood in the background for a scene or two, creator Chris Van Dusen remained secretive on that front after Page’s Emmy nomination. And it looks like Page is taking a page out of their books, because he is keeping very secretive on whether or not he’s returning as well.

Regé-Jean Page spoke out about his exit shortly after it was announced and shared a sweet message about how grateful he is to be part of the show. It seemed clear from the message how much he loved playing the Duke, so I wouldn't be shocked if he changed his mind, at least for an episode. Especially since fans are still going to very much need their Phoebe and Simon content, even if it isn’t a lot.

Simon Basset’s arc on Bridgerton was apparently always planned as just a one-season story, since each season tells the tale of a different Bridgerton. So it’s not so surprising that he was only on for the first season. However, it looks like fans can still hope that the Duke of Hastings will appear with his wonderful wife and mother of his baby at some point in Season 2. Whether or not Simon shows up again remains to be seen, but it's always fun to hope with Regé-Jean Page not shutting the possibility down!

There is no word yet on when Season 2 of Bridgerton will premiere on Netflix, but it’s likely it will be sometime in 2022. In the meantime, fans can relive Simon and Daphne’s steamy love story on Netflix.

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