Below Deck Med Spoilers: Why Captain Sandy's Major Decision Might’ve Been Too Little, Too Late

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The cast of Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season might like big boats (and they cannot lie), but they aren't always guaranteed to like their stewardess Lexi Wilson. The series star has made several derogatory remarks amidst her arguments with others, and the reaction from Bravo fans can be summed up as "rather appalled." After Wilson's latest blowup, Captain Sandy was forced to make a decision on who was really in the wrong, and then how to rectify the situation. But was that end result too little, too late?

On the previous episode of Below Deck: Mediterranean, Lexi Wilson went against chef Mathew Shea for two rounds of insults. Ultimately, Shea started it by constantly reminding Wilson that no one on the boat likes her, but she took it to another level by calling him a derogatory slur and other aggressive insults. It seemed that Wilson's position on the yacht was in more jeopardy than ever, even though she didn't seem to think so herself. And in Episode 614, which was released early for streaming on Peacock, it turns out Captain Sandy finally fired Wilson.

First, however, Captain Sandy interviewed most of most of the Below Deck: Mediterranean crew before she made her decision. Surprisingly, at least from what was shown on the episode, it appeared as though the others were interrogated by Captain Sandy more for their own behavior than Lexi Wilson's. For instance, stewardess Courtney Veale was questioned about her use of coarse language upon hearing Wilson's brash comments to Shea. Moreover, Captain Sandy’s reaction was biggest only after Wilson revealed that Shea was planning to issue her an ultimatum. Though Captain Sandy did end up firing Wilson, she shockingly sent the stewardess out with a lot of niceties and compliments.

The deed was ultimately done, but Captain Sandy's belated handling of the situation calls into question whether it even matters anymore. Technically, Lexi Wilson’s firing was merited weeks ago, after her initial blowup that saw her screaming obscenities at higher ranking officers and pushing castmates. When she didn't face consequences for it, and plainly didn’t apologize to those who warranted it, the precedent was set for her behavior to continue. (And it did, for far too long.) There are only two charters left in Below Deck Mediterranean, so basically Wilson's behavior went virtually unpunished for the majority of the season.

It isn't quite clear why Captain Sandy gave Lexi Wilson so many chances. Perhaps she didn't have the entire story behind the first debacle, as is often the case on the show, or maybe she was being compassionate about learning that Wilson's father had passed away only months beforehand. But either way, if a male castmate had pushed his junk in a female coworker's face or threatened them with violence on Below Deck: Mediterranean – as Wilson had done by pushing her boobs into co-star Lloyd Spencer’s face and later saying she would “smack the shit” out of Mathew Shea – one would think that consequences would be necessarily immediate.

Obviously, castmates in Below Deck’s previous seasons have been fired before, and for less than Lexi Wilson's actions. Last year on Below Deck: Mediterranean, Captain Sandy fired longtime alum Hannah Ferrier for having undeclared drugs aboard the yacht, which Ferrier has since claimed were all legal and prescribed, and insisted her situation was more based on a TV power struggle between her and Sandy. Also, on Season 8 of Below Deck, Elizabeth Frankini was fired by Captain Lee for mistakes on the job. Wilson’s own firing, in contrast, was much more pressing because of how it affected the rest of the crew.

Sans Lexi Wilson, though, Below Deck: Mediterranean is putting its focus on more drama in the final few episodes of Season 6. Chief stew Katie Flood has decided to leave her interior crew scant, meaning just her and Courtney Veale, without bringing back former fourth stew Delaney Evans to fill in Wilson’s spot. Meanwhile, Captain Sandy is at odds with Malia White over not reporting deckhand David Pascoe’s leg injury.

In other words, with the main season villain out the door, Below Deck: Mediterranean's remaining cast needs to be on their professional A-game in order to stay sane. Remaining episodes premiere on Monday nights on Bravo, with early access exclusively on Peacock. Vote in our poll below about Captain Sandy's latest decision involving her crew!

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