Did Taylor Swift Hide A Clue In Her Fearless Re-Recording Announcement?

Taylor Swift continues to gift her fans exciting updates, and today that came in the form of an announcement that the rerecorded version of her 2008 album Fearless would be arriving in the near future. Included in the announcement -- which also states that "Love Story (Taylor's Version) would be arriving tonight -- is a note to her fans explaining her thoughts about rerecording the album. And as exciting as that news is on its own, does Taylor Swift's announcement also include a hidden clue about a certain significant date?

The timing for this announcement seems especially perfect, not only because we're days ahead of Valentine's Day, but also because it just so happens to be February 11. Or 2/11. Fans are well aware of Taylor Swift's love of the number 13, and 2+11=... well, you do the math. Swifties have a sharp eye for that sort of thing, so it's also fair to take a closer look at Taylor Swift's announcement for Fearless (Taylor's Version) and notice that, while almost all of the letters in the note are lowercase, a handful of them are capitalized. Take a look at her Tweet below (specifically the image containing the text):

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If you look closely, the capital letters include A, P, R, I, L, N, I, N, T, H. As in... April 9th? Is something new happening on April 9th? It's possible that April 9th is the intended release date for Fearless (Taylor's Version), which she did not specify when announcing the planned arrival of the album. That feels a bit far off, considering "Love Story" is arriving tonight. Then again, that feeling might be based off of the much-quicker turnaround we've seen for her last two albums (Folklore and Evermore), which were released very shortly after they were announced. It's possible Taylor Swift is going to revert to the more traditional release format for Fearless (Taylor's Version) and is (hopefully!) planning to release some singles for the rerecorded album before the full album arrives, and maybe the plan for that is April 9th.

If the Fearless rerecording announcement happened on 2/11, it seems only fitting that the album arrive on a date like 4/9 (4+9=13!).

I may be reaching here by this point but these are the words she used for the capital letters:


It's entirely possible that the words were chosen at random, but perhaps there are more clues in there as well. "bAck" as in "Back to December," maybe? Again, I could be reaching here, but if she's decided to skip over her 2006 self-titled debut album (for now) and start with Fearless, perhaps 2010's Speak Now might be the next album lined up to be rereleased. On the other hand, "faIrytale" could be a nod to "Today Was A Fairytale," which was technically released on the Valentine's Day soundtrack, and is included among the tracks for the rerecorded Fearless album. So if the words are clues to anything, they may point to April 9th being the release date for the full Fearless (Taylor's Version) album.

Per Taylor Swift's announcement, the newly recorded album will consist of 26 songs, six of which have never been released. We've already heard a bit of "Love Story," as the rerecorded version of that was featured in a 2020 Match.com commercial. Based on the description for the digital album pre-order in Taylor Swift's merch store, "Love Story" will be released at midnight (EST) tonight. Pre-ordering is now available on Taylor Swift's website.

As for Taylor Swift's plans for the other rerecorded albums, we'll have to wait and see what she has in store.

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