El Juego De Las Llaves Turns Up The Drama In New Season 2 Clip

Maite Perroni in El Juego De Las Llaves looking angry with smeared mascara and a red jacket

Pantaya’s sex and relationship dramedy, El Juego de las Llaves (The Game of Keys) returns with Season 2 this September. The series follows eight friends that venture into a game of sexual discovery wanting to free themselves from their daily routines and spice up their love lives. Season 1 was a fiery blaze of spice and now a new clip from Season 2 shows the cast turning up the drama.

In Season 2 of El Juego de las Llaves, a few months have passed since the last game of keys. The players now have to deal with the consequences of putting a pair of keys inside a seemingly harmless glass drawer. As seen in a Season 2 clip, those consequences are far from harmless. See what’s happened to Adriana (played by Maite Perroni of Netflix’s Dark Desire) in the clip below.

The clip opens with Adriana (Maite Perroni) storming into the hallway. She was likely caught in the rain as she has wet hair, water dripping off her bright red jacket, and painfully smeared mascara. Adriana confronts Siena (Ela Velden) with the accusation of “you fucked my life.” Siena seems unbothered, telling Adriana she needs to calm down, but Adriana goes on to explain how exactly her life’s been ruined and, well, it’s pretty bad.

Maite Perroni is excellent in this scene, perfectly capturing Adriana’s desperation. She mentions that before playing the game of keys, she had a family and a husband and her daughter lived with both of her parents. Ela Velden holds her ground with Siena’s nonchalant rebuttal and she reminds Adriana why she chose to play the game: She was bored, didn’t want to be with her husband, and her daughter was always mad at her. It’s then revealed that Adriana’s best friend (now ex-best friend) Gaby is pregnant with Adriana’s husband Oscar’s child. Yikes.

So Adriana put some keys in a jar and lost her husband, daughter, and best friend. If that’s not enough drama, the above clip also introduces Alejandra Guzmán’s Astrid, who we know will stir the pot just by seeing the other women’s reactions to her entrance. Siena (Ela Velden) is thrilled to see Astrid (Guzmán) while Adriana’s face falls in despair. To see what happens next and what Guzmán’s spectacular talent will bring to the show, we’ll have to tune into Season 2!

As the players of the game return in a new season of El Juego de las Llaves, each character has a question to answer. Can they overcome the past, or should they simply surrender to their present desires? The first four episodes of Season 2 are currently streaming exclusively on Pantaya. The full season will be available to binge on Tuesday, September 28th. The series can also be watched on Prime Video with a free trial of Pantaya. It doesn't matter how fast you run… desire will find you.

El Juego de las Llaves is directed by Javier Colinas and Kenya Márquez and written by Verónica Bellver and Jessica Silvetti. The series is produced by Corazón Films, Pantaya and Amazon Prime Video. It was created by Marisa Quiroga, Verónica Bellver, Patrick McGinley with Corazón Films through Sandro Halphen, Pantaya and Amazon Prime Video. Eckehardt von Damm, Sandro Halphen y Roberto Fiesco are executive producers.

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