Watch The Blacklist's James Spader Hilariously Struggle With Props And More In Season 8 Gag Reel

The Blacklist is undeniably one of the more serious shows on television, and never more serious than the tragic Season 8 finale, but that doesn't mean a peek behind the scenes can't be absolutely hilarious. In case you're still sad about Liz's fate at the end of Season 8 or are just in the mood for some laughs, the gag reel for The Blacklist should put a smile on your face. After all, if a veteran actor like James Spader can struggle with props (plus more bloopers from the cast), how can you not watch? Check out the gag reel clip above!

James Spader's initial request for somebody else to start messing up was definitely a fun way to start the gag reel clip, and his struggle with the props just a minute later was an entertaining look at the actor when he has to break out of Reddington mode. He's also not the only one with some fun flubs in the gag reel, with Diego Klattenhoff impressively (and hilariously) staying in character after making an entrance into a scene too early. Considering that the last shot of Season 8 showed Red having to flee the scene of Liz's bloody fate and then Ressler finding her body, the lighthearted moments of the actors are more than a little refreshing to watch!

Also, Amir Arison's attempts to deliver his line about a kid and a candy store were entertaining enough that I for one have already rewatched several times, not to mention Harry Lennix going full Sonny Corleone in a take that didn't make it to the finished product of that episode. You can find the full gag reel for The Blacklist Season 8 plus more extras with the Blu-ray and DVD sets that are available starting on September 21. The set also comes with some deleted scenes and a "Liz's Farewell" feature, which should certainly be worth the watch just weeks before the show returns for Season 9.

The Blacklist will have a lot to deal with in the ninth season with the aftermath of Liz Keen's death, although a lot may depend on how much of a time jump the show does (or doesn't) deliver following the Season 8 finale tragedy. Megan Boone's departure was actually announced before the episode aired, so fans knew that the show was going to say goodbye to the longtime leading lady in some manner or other, but it wasn't until those final moments that Liz's departure was settled in a very permanent way. And she's not the only longtime member of the Blacklist team that departed following the eighth season.

Although Megan Boone was absent from Season 8 for some time, the show has never had to move forward with the actress definitively gone and Liz confirmed dead, so it should be interesting to see how The Blacklist picks up and continues. The Blacklist is actually moving to a new night for Season 9, in a pretty enviable time slot right before the block of Law & Order shows. The Blacklist Season 9 launches on Thursday, October 21 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, and it will be followed by Law & Order: SVU at 9 p.m. ET and Law & Order: Organized Crime at 10 p.m. ET.

So now is the perfect time to start reliving the action of Season 8 to be ready for The Blacklist's big return in October, and the DVD and Blu-ray sets with the special features (including the full gag reel) are available now from Sony Pictures Entertainment!

Laura Hurley
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