Why NCIS: New Orleans And CBS Fans Are Slamming NCIS: Hawai'i After The Premiere

NCIS Vanessa Lachey first look, courtesy of CBS

NCIS: Hawai’i finally premiered on CBS and although the series showed some promise, apparently it didn’t fare too well with some fans. Following the cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans, people are taking the CBS decision to heart and going out of their way to slam the newest iteration in the franchise... and its cast.

Plenty of fans are taking to the NCIS: Hawai’i posts on social media, including Facebook, to share their feelings about the new series. Many fans are not liking the casting choices by the network, feeling they have “no chemistry,” while others simply want to see all the action and not romance (with some even touching on the fact the show features an LGBTQ romance). One fan greatly disapproved of the casting choices and did not particularly like the fact the tropical setting and new actors were chosen over NCIS: NOLA. Or as they put it:

Terrible!! Cast has NO chemistry and the acting is awful! This is what they cancelled NCIS New Orleans for? Loved NoLA. Will not watch anymore of this one. Too painful. Ugh! The woman who replaced Les Moonves does NOT know what she’s doing. One terrible flop after another while cancelling great shows like All Rise.

The series is definitely not getting the type of love other NCIS shows have gotten, at least so far. One fan put in their two cents regarding what the show has to improve. Boy, did they list some strong suggestions:

I sure hope this show gets better! Hawaii is the reason I gave it a chance. The acting is so bad. The whole time it did not flow. NCIS is great! NCIS LA is good. NCIS New Orleans was so good why did [you] stop this show. Need writers & directors [to] improve!! Some one needs [to] give acting lessons [to] the cast. Go look at all the other shows that take place in Hawaii that were on CBS & one that still is. Also as a woman I was looking forward [to] the boss being a woman. But she is not very good. Many many other actual artist/actors could have been cast!!

Although Vanessa Lachey's casting earned a lot of interest in the show ahead of its premiere, clearly not everyone was happy. One fan just felt like the show isn't cutting it compared to what's been available on CBS in the past, though.

I love all things Hawaii, but this show just is not cutting it. The acting is bad and the lead is not holding the show together. Not impressed. Would much rather watch re-runs of Hawaii 5-O. Won't be watching again.

Which brings us to the other spinoff and CBS fans. Over on Twitter, a chunk of fans are just missing their favorite characters from New Orleans and Hawaii Five-O and would rather have those shows than the new ones.

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed. It was boring. I missed Steve and Danny!... Hawaii Five-0 was so much better! It's hard to believe this is part of the NCIS franchise #BringbackNCISNewOrleans!!!

It’s not just NCIS: NOLA fans that are bringing the heat. Again, fans of Hawaii Five-O were quick to give their thoughts and it’s not at all good, as one fan pointed out:

Disappointing. HAWAII FIVE-0 it's not. The story didn't hang together; it seemed choppy. I'm not sure the writer knew what to do, or the editor miscalculated, or it's just not up to par generally. Not sure I'll be watching future episodes.

Since this is only the first episode that had aired, maybe the series just needs to find its footing before it can really take off? It's pretty common for pilots of TV shows to not be the very best episode of a given series. Perhaps fans will give it another chance? After all, maybe if it sticks around, some fan favorites from other shows in the franchise (and who knows, maybe even Five-0) might get the chance to make a guest appearance. Though hopefully the show will get better for its own sake, as well.

You can catch new episodes of NCIS: Hawai'i on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS! Check out our 2021 fall TV schedule to find out all the upcoming premieres!

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