Vanessa Lachey Talks Moving To Hawaii For NCIS, But How Did Nick Lachey Feel?

Jane Tennant arriving to NCIS Pearl Harbor in the trailer for NCIS Hawai'i

NCIS Hawai’i is a big step for Vanessa Lachey as an actress, as her leading lady role in the show makes NCIS franchise history as well as marks a milestone for her own career. The role required her to move to Hawaii, but Lachey’s new role didn’t just affect her. She faced the prospect of relocating her family to Hawaii, meaning that she and husband Nick Lachey needed to have a serious conversation. Now, with NCIS: Hawai'i just over a week away from premiering, the actress revealed how her husband felt about the move.

Becoming the long-running franchise’s first female lead was a milestone in Vanessa Lachey’s career, but it meant uprooting her family from California to Hawaii. The NCIS Hawai’i star spoke to ET on her husband’s response to moving for her latest role, saying:

It was a talk that I had with my husband and I said, 'What do you think?' and...he's like, 'Hawaii, umm, it could be worse.' And he was like, 'This is awesome!' And I'll never forget him saying, 'This is your time and you've been there in the past for me.'

Thankfully, Nick Lachey was supportive of his wife’s career decision. Leading the latest installment in a phenomenally successful franchise is a big moment for Vanessa Lachey. The Lacheys’ relationship sounds like one built on mutual respect and maturity. I’m sure she was supportive during his time on The Masked Singer, not to mention his work with 98°. Now, as Nick Lachey pointed out, it’s his wife’s time to shine.

In addition to shedding light on her husband’s support of her fantastic career opportunity with NCIS: Hawai'i, Vanessa Lachey gave some insight into the couple’s dynamic as well as how their three children reacted to the move:

But we definitely do try 50/50. When he's on tour, I try to be home. When I'm shooting something, he tries to be home. So, this is working. This is a thing that would take our whole family out of the mainland and bring them very far away, and he was on board to support me. I told the kids and they were gung-ho because they think that Hawaii is water slides, play. I ask them all the time, 'Are you happy or no?' And they're like, yeah! So, they're very happy here, they love it here.

It's nice to know that Vanessa and Nick Lachey can be each other’s number one supporter when important moments come up. At least, their children saw the move to Hawaii as a big adventure. While working hard on the highly-anticipated spinoff, Vanessa Lachey has the support of her family. NCIS fans will see how Lachey will be as a boss once NCIS Hawai’i premieres Sep. 20 at 10 pm on CBS.

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