Modern Family Co-Creator Has A New Show Coming To Streaming With An Amazing Ensemble Cast

Modern Family cast.

Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan has a new potential series lined up, and the earliest news revealed that Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is on board. The new project, fittingly titled Reboot, is headed to Hulu and follows a cast from an early 2000s sitcom that is being rebooted. Now, the project has filled in the ensemble cast, and it's an amazing group of stars.

According to THR, Jupiter’s Legacy’s Leslie Bibb, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend vet Rachel Bloom, Michael McKean from Better Call Saul, and Last Man Standing star Krista Marie Yu have all joined Johnny Knoxville in the comedy pilot. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key and former Disney star Calum Worthy are also set to star in the upcoming comedy.

Leslie Bibb is set to play Bree, a former pageant girl from Virginia who wound up starring in a hit show then married a prince in a different country. Rachel Bloom will play young, hip writer Hannah, while Michael McKean will play the narcissistic creator of the sitcom. Krista Marie Yu will then play Elaine, who is covering the reboot. The project already seems like a hit with such a great cast, especially with Steven Levitan as creator and co-writer after Modern Family was enough of a hit to enjoy a run of more than a decade.

The cast is certainly full of familiar faces. Besides the short-lived Jupiter's Legacy, Leslie Bibb has had an extensive filmography including in The Big Easy, Popular and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Rachel Bloom is best known as Rebecca Bunch in the critically-acclaimed CW musical dramedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Michael McKean is known for various television roles including as Lenny Kosnowski in Laverne & Shirley and Chuck McGill on Better Call Saul. Last but certainly not least, Krista Marie Yu is best known as Molly Park on the sitcom Dr. Ken and most recently as Jen on Last Man Standing.

Reboot marks Steve Levitan’s first big project since Modern Family came to an end in 2020. The show became a major hit and lasted for eleven seasons on ABC. The new Hulu pilot indicates that Levitan has found a very original new project to focus on, since it seems that no Modern Family spinoff will be coming any time soon, if at all.

At the time of writing, Reboot is only in the pilot stage of development. It may be some time before news that it has or hasn't been picked up to series. With such a strong cast filled with recognizable names, on top of the Modern Family co-creator's involvement, it does seem that the show has a recipe for success. If you want to relive the Modern Family days while waiting for news of Reboot, you can find the full series streaming now on Peacock and – fittingly – Hulu.

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