Stop me when this hits too close to home. It’s winter. You don’t particularly want to go outside because it’s cold. Unfortunately, staying home isn’t particularly exciting because an overwhelming majority of television is on hiatus. So, you’re stuck between Monopoly and freezing your damn toes off, right? Wrong. Thanks to some generous streaming and On Demand options, there’s more than enough to fill your Christmas-y plate.

On Monday, we outlined all the greatness Netflix currently has instantly streaming. Today, it’s Amazon Prime’s turn. The service might not be as well-discussed or quite as extensive as Netflix, but there are still an incredible number of worthwhile options to spend your next few weeks on. For example: The Good Wife and Glee and Grey’s Anatomy and other things that don’t start with a G.

If you’re lost and looking for some recommendations, fear not. Here are thirty-five shows you can watch right now, at least provided you have Amazon Prime.

(1) The Good Wife
The Good Wife is a legal procedural that follows the wife of a high profile politician who returns to her legal practice after her husband is caught in a scandal involving prostitutes. Most weeks follow one specific legal case from its origin to its conclusion with a small amount of overarching personal life drama carrying over each week. It’s one of best dramas on network television today.

(2) Parenthood: The NBC drama involves an extended family and the various problems they encounter going through life and interacting with one another. It offers laughs, moments of thoughtful insight and at least one plotline a week that will make you want to vomit. The problem these characters encounter are so far in the gray area and hit so close to home that they’ll likely cause you to get physically ill.

(3) Grey’s Anatomy: Say what you will about Grey’s Anatomy lately, but the ABC hospital drama started off with a bang and was one of the best shows on television for its first few seasons. They’re more than worth watching through for the first time or even revisiting again.

Looking to check out some more network shows? Try (4) Grimm, (5) Under The Dome, (6) Glee or (7) Parks And Recreation.

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