If the Marvel and Netflix partnership proves successful, there are many more characters from the former’s vast comic-book universe who would be a perfect fit for the versatility of the streaming TV platform. Of course, plans are already in the works for several shows after Daredevil (A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist as well as their eventual team-up as The Defenders) but that shouldn’t stop Marvel from developing other titles, whether one-shots or even a concurrent expanded universe.

Many factors played a part in deciding what five Marvel superheroes might be a good fit for their own series at Netflix. For example, Elektra was in the mix but didn’t make the cut cause she’s likely going to be factored into future seasons of Daredevil. Others, like Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel (or Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman), deserve their own big-budget release and a place in the MCU (or SMCU) proper. The tamer tales, like Squirrel Girl, don’t need the relaxed restrictions of the streaming ‘network’ and could do just fine on ABC. And then there are characters like Cable whose best arcs need existing film franchise superheroes for the cast, making a show all but impossible.

With all that in mind (and rights issues out of mind, as you might have guessed from Cable being in contention), here are 5 Marvel comic-book characters who should get their own series on Netflix...

The Punisher
Without question, the obvious choice for the next Marvel character to get his or her own series is Frank Castle. Punisher is especially deserving of a quality adaptation after the terrible films starring Dolph Lundgren and Tom Jane, as well as the under-appreciated and, sadly, irrelevant one with Ray Stevenson. Steven DeKnight, Daredevil’s showrunner has already talked about his desire to see a hard-R version of The Punisher on Netflix and that sounds just perfect to me. Hell, I’d even settle for a ‘PG-15′ version similar to his ‘The Man Without Fear’ series. Too bad, Frank Grillo already plays a part in the MCU. I’d be pretty happy with Josh Holloway as Frank Castle. Who wouldn’t want to see a broken, bitter and caustic Holloway killing his way to revenge? I know I do.

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