Spoilers below for tonight’s Season 3 premiere of Bates Motel.

Now heading into its predictably over-the-top Season 3, Bates Motel is giving fans what we’ve all been waiting for: a Norman Bates that is clearly headed to full-on Psycho territory. Sure, watching Dylan’s father return in an attempt to build a relationship with his son was interesting, but sorely lacked abnormal Norman’s input. So you won’t find it in this list of the 5 most psycho-riffic moments from “A Death in the Family,” but you will find some other incredibly uncomfortable moments between a parent and child. Speaking of…

Norma and Norman’s Spooning
What’s the best way to showcase Norman’s growing fascination with his mother? Kick off Season 3 with the two of them spooning in bed, and then have it be the topic of Dylan and Norma’s first conversation. Norma temporarily puts her foot down in making Norman sleep in his own bed – a declaration made while they were both lying in bed together – and then she lifts the rules once her mixed-up feelings about her own mother’s death get in the way. While Norman “I’ll be your motel manager” Bates is always in the spotlight for his creepo-sexual acts, Norma’s relaxed attitude to parental boundaries is just as interesting to me, as she’s just as unable to let go as Norman, but presumably without as much psychotic rage behind it all. Get a smaller bed, Norma.

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