The networks, cable stations and streaming services have been beefing up their respective summer lineups in recent years. And while old standbys like True Blood may be out the door, this summer there’s a ton of programming that still deserves your attention. We’ve culled through the 2015 summer TV premiere schedule, looking through all the new and critically acclaimed shows to bring you a look at the programs we feel represent the summer's best. After a lot of careful thought, some rowdy debates and plenty of passionate speeches, we’ve put together a list of the 5 shows you have to be watching this summer.

Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot
Premiere Date: Wednesday, June 24
Where Is It Airing?: USA
Initially premiering at SXSW, USA’s new drama Mr. Robot managed to take the critical world by storm, and it’s no wonder. The pilot is one of the sharpest and most intriguing we’ve seen, with an excellent performance by lead Rami Malek. It pops up in the schedule this week, so tune in and give USA’s bid for higher stakes TV a shot.

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