Joan Rivers has been a comedic voice on the Hollywood block for decades. Eventually, she transformed herself from a late night comic into one of the most well-known fashion critics of the modern era. On August 28, she was taken to the hospital for a surgery on her vocal cords and ended up in a medically-induced coma. She died Thursday, leaving behind a legacy of rich and often blunt jokes from decades of TV appearances. We’ve compiled a few clips to show off her rich legacy of jokes, from appearances with Johnny Carson to her own solo work, and finally the stuff she spurted out as the loudest of The Fashion Police.

Love her or hate her, Joan Rivers has certainly had a storied career. She was the first woman with her own late night talk show. She was, along with David Letterman, Don Rickles and Jay Leno, one of the most famous guests in the history of The Tonight Show. She was one of the last great true originals who wasn't scared of backlash or negativity. All she cared about was making people laugh, and the five clips, below are a brief history of some of the places she popped up over the years. Watch them and laugh with her one more time.

Joan Does The Ed Sullivan Show, 1967
Rivers was a guest star on many variety and talk programs for years before she got her first big break. In the clip above, she’s doing stand-up on The Ed Sullivan Show, which had her on a number of times. What I like about the clip is that it sort of shows a career coming full circle. In the video, she’s a young woman discussing the fashion of the time. Recently, she was a much older woman doing the very same. There’s symmetry in that, and something a little sad, too.

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