Joan Rivers might be at her most comfortable making wild comments, but apparently, wild actions are inside her wheelhouse too. The seventy-nine-year-old fashion commentator, who is regularly seen on E!, was escorted out of a Burbank, California Costco yesterday by police after she entered the store with an entourage to protest the company refusing to stock her book because of expletives on its back cover.

The obnoxious scene reportedly included Rivers handcuffing herself to a shopping cart and later comparing Costco’s decision not to stock her book with Nazi Germany. According to the LA Times, the comedienne was not arrested for her overt publicity stunt, but if she heads back to the Costco, it’s unlikely she will be as lucky. Authorities don’t usually like having their time intentionally wasted so someone can get a few articles in the paper about her book.

How exactly this might affect sales of Rivers’ new book I Hate Everyone… Starting With Me is unclear, but it certainly won’t hurt. It’s already been featured on the New York Times Bestseller List, and with millions of people likely to become aware of its existence thanks to this mess, she should wind up making a pretty penny off the endeavor.

That being said, I still can’t give my thumbs up to this. If I’d been in a hurry yesterday at Costco and this nonsense slowed me down, I would have been pissed. Ohh who am I kidding? I've never made it out of Costco in under an hour. Protest away, Joan. Protest away, you self-centered genius.

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