One of the mostly highly anticipated new shows coming up doesn’t actually have a premiere date yet, but that hasn’t stopped The CW from doling out the goodies ahead of time. The latest installment of the CW’s DC superhero universe Legends of Tomorrow is being set up ahead of time thanks to the parent shows The Flash and Arrow (that premiered their second and fourth seasons back in October).

Of course, Flash and Arrow have their own plots to develop before the Flarrow crossover that will bring a bunch of the TV DC characters together for one event. It’s been up to viewers to find the nuggets of dropped Legends hints on The Flash and Arrow. Fortunately, we know enough about the spinoff to figure out what might matter for the series… and what might not. Check out five things about Legends of Tomorrow that we recently learned on The Flash and Arrow!

barry and captain cold
Captain Cold Isn't Such A Bad Guy
One of the most puzzling bits of news to drop about Legends was that Flash villain Leonard Snart – professionally known as Captain Cold – would be one of the titular legends. While always at least somewhat morally grey with his focus on stealing rather than killing, Captain Cold has been a major threat to Barry Allen from early on in the first season of The Flash.

The second season has shown us a different side of Captain Cold. Evidently, his descent into villainy was not born out of any inherent enterprising evil. Rather, Leonard became Captain Cold due to some early conditioning from his abusive father. His latest team-up of father and son only came about because his father implanted a bomb in the neck of his daughter and Leonard's beloved sister. Leonard is currently in jail, but Barry left him with some hopeful words that will likely see him switching his allegiances from the side of pretty bad to the side of mostly good with time to spare for Legends.

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