7 Big Reasons Why Supergirl Needs To Be Renewed

Back in the fall of 2015, one of the most exciting new shows on primetime was CBS' Supergirl. Ratings were good, buzz was buzzing, and it was hard to imagine that Kara Danvers wouldn’t be getting a second season of adventures. Months later, Season 2 is much less of a sure thing. Ratings dropped in the second half of Season 1, and the high cost of production might mean that CBS won’t consider Supergirl a necessary part of the roster for the 2016 – 2017 TV year.

The ratings may not have been the best on CBS, but there are still plenty of reasons why Supergirl deserves to be renewed for a Season 2. Cross your fingers, think positive thoughts, and take a look at seven big reasons why Supergirl needs a second season.

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl

1. Kara’s An Incredible Female Lead

Supergirl wasn’t exactly the only superhero series on the airwaves in 2015 – 2016, but it did have the distinction of the only superpowered leading lady on primetime. Melissa Benoist portrayed a Kara who was believable both as an alien from a dead world and a young woman trying to figure out her future. She showed great range when Kara was affected by Red Kryptonite and turned into Evil Kara, and she consistently pulled great performances out of the other actors. Now that the odds aren’t looking great for a third season of Agent Carter, we could use another awesome comic book show with a leading lady on the airwaves.

Supergirl cast

2. The Cast Is Charming

The cast of Supergirl took a while to really gel as an ensemble, but they were basically one big charming family by the end of the season. The friendship between Kara and Winn is stronger than ever now that he’s moved past his unrequited feelings, J’onn J’onzz is a bizarrely wonderful father figure for the Danvers girls, James developed beyond his role as the object of Kara’s affections, and Kara and Alex as sisters are the biggest love story of the entire series so far. Even Cat Grant can be counted on for a few laughs and life lessons in a given episode. It would be a shame if the ensemble that was firing on all cylinders by the end of Season 1 didn’t get a Season 2 together.

Kara as Supergirl

3. It’s Not Like Any Of The Other Superhero Shows

Supergirl exists in an alternate dimension and deals more with malevolent aliens than metahumans or magic or even street crime, so it really stands out among the other superhero series on the air. Instead of Arrow and The Flash pretty much taking place in the real world, Supergirl is set in a universe with a female president and a Man of Steel and Beyoncé as a senator. Supergirl can delve further into the impossible than any of the other superhero series by virtue of existing in a very different world, and the possibilities for the future are endless.

Kara, Alex, JJ

4. It Could Work On Another Network

Although Supergirl may not necessarily have the ratings for CBS to want to order a Season 2, CBS isn’t the only network that could be a home for Kara and Co. in a Season 2. The show could easily fit into the DC lineup on The CW. The ratings that might not be big enough for CBS could be huge for The CW, and the special effects managed by The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are proof enough that superpowers can be handled on a CW budget.

Kara Danvers and Barry Allen

5. There’s Potential For Even Bigger Crossovers

One of the best episodes of Supergirl in Season 1 featured Barry Allen accidentally jumping from his universe to Kara’s. Barry and Kara were such a wonderful duo that the episode really could have consisted of forty minutes of the Flash and Supergirl eating doughnuts. Now that Barry has connected Kara to the Legends of Flarrow – that is, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, and Arrow – universe, even bigger crossovers could be possible. Kara and Barry were cute as complements, but bright happy Kara foiled by serious grouchy Oliver could be hilarious, and she would fit right in with the legends of Legends. Crossovers with Arrow would have to be handled carefully considering Oliver’s lack of superpowers, but Supergirl proved that it can craft crossovers that respect multiple big comic characters. If handled correctly, even Arrowgirl could work. Honestly, doesn’t Legends of Flarrowgirl have a nice ring to it?

Family fun

6. It’s Fun For Any Age Group

Of all the DC comic series on television, Supergirl is the one that can be fun for anybody of any age. Arrow is probably too dark for most youngsters, people die kind of a lot on Legends of Tomorrow, and even The Flash has gotten more gruesome recently. Gotham doesn’t even exist in the same sort of superpowered universe in which tragedies don't always feel quite so real. Supergirl is innocent enough that kids can watch but mature enough that adults won’t be bored out of their minds. The show can be fun for just about anyone or even the whole family, and it would be a shame if that fun came to an end after only one season.

Supergirl cliffhanger

7. It Ended On A Cliffhanger

The Season 1 finale of Supergirl ended on enough of a cliffhanger that it would just be cruel to deprive viewers of what comes next. A Kryptonian pod identical to the one that brought Kara crashed onto Earth, and the contents clearly blew Kara’s mind. Was it a Kryptonian artifact sent into space for preservation? Was it another young survivor whose arrival will mark the creation of Superboy? Was it Krypto the Super-Dog? Will we never know?

There’s no reason to despair just yet. Supergirl hasn’t been officially cancelled, and there has been enough optimism from folks behind the scenes that we shouldn’t give up hope for Season 2. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, be sure to check out our summer TV premiere schedule to see what you’ll definitely be able to watch in the near future.

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